Powerlifting Routines For Over 40s

Can you Still Powerlift in your 40sAs athletes get older, it is wise to appreciate the fact that your body is not as efficient as it was in your twenties or thirties but this does not mean one has to simply give up and stop powerlifting in your 40s. There are many power lifters, bodybuilders and strongmen who still compete in their 40s; many of them also teach the youngsters a thing or two in their chosen sport.

Top Tips for powerlifting in your 40s

No excuses

Many people use the excuse of ‘’I am too old for this’’, the reality is that stopping rigorous exercise and what you love will actually age you more. If you continue to train hard and push yourself to new levels; your body will retain bone density, muscle mass and your coordination. Only when a person makes a conscious decision to stop exercise does the physical body falter; this is the same with the mind- if you don’t use it, it will fade away. So don’t let age be your reason to think you can’t powerlifting in your 40s and beyond.

A lot of these myths plague people with worry that all of their years of hard work and training will go to waste. Fear not, all of those hours in the gym have conditioned your body so you have no need to stop. Train smart, pay attention to any discomforts and all is well.

Comparing to other sports

Some power lifters may be concerned that the wear and tear on their joints, ligaments and stature will get worse as they carry on lifting. There are wrestlers, bodybuilders, etc who rely heavily on lifting weights who are still doing so in their 50s and 60s so why should power lifters be any different?

Same goes for cardio athletes such as runners, cyclists and swimmers- do you think they stop running because their heart will not be able to endure the exercise anymore? NO! Strength training is a commitment and most of us know that the longer we do it, the stronger we get. It would be such a waste to train for 20 years then simply stop, just because statistics tell us that we are too old. We are all in this to be the best we can be, so carry on as you are.

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