Best Curl Exercises for Bigger Arms Workout

Curl Exercises for Bigger BicepsOne of the main body parts that many individuals have generally placed an emphasis on when starting any muscle-building and strength training program is enhancing their curl exercises biceps. This particular muscle group when doing curl bar exercises has often been one of the more highly noticeable muscle groups than any other and as such has become increasingly popular game day rewards for many fitness beginners. Let's take a look at the different types of curl exercises

Top Curl Exercises to Build Bigger Biceps

However it is vitally important to recognize that the triceps muscle group comprises of a very large part of the arms and if neglected will result in an unfavorable imbalance for the training which is required to achieve the optimal results in muscular growth. When setting a goal to achieve the maximum muscle growth in the targeted areas of the biceps and triceps many professionals have found that strength training via curl bar exercises. Lifting much heavier weights is also a key factor which must be implemented within the workout to attain the desired results. Due to the fact that increasing body mass and muscular growth is a result of the combination of a heavy surplus, a lot of calories and sufficient volume it is highly suggested that the individual focus on specific exercises aimed in allowing the exerciser to lift the maximum amount of weight physically possible.

For many professionals exercises such as the lat-pull-downs and rows have been used to effectively target the muscle groups of both the biceps and triceps. Including these exercises on a regular basis within the workout routine and adding other exercises such as the Preacher Curl will provide you with great workout geared towards increasing those biceps muscles for developing your arms.

The Preacher Curl -

For this exercise you will need an E-Z bar along with a preacher bench. Firmly grip the E-Z bar at the closed inner section of the handle ensuring the palms of both hands are faced forward and tilted slightly inwards. This posture is as a direct result of the specific shape of the E-Z bar. With the upper arms firmly secured against the pad of the preacher bench and positioning your chest against it, the E-Z bar is firmly held and curled at shoulder length to achieve the starting position of the exercise.

How to do the preacher curl

  • By slowly inhaling, the bar should be gradually lowered until the upper arms are fully extended and the biceps stretched.
  • While exhaling, the biceps muscles are used to curl the weight to the point of being fully contracted and the bar positioned at shoulder height. The position should be held for the duration of one second squeezing the biceps muscles together.
  • This exercise can be repeated for the required number of reps as stipulated by the respective workout.

The Barbel Biceps Curl -

Recognized as one of the primary biceps exercises, the barbel biceps curls allows the exerciser to subject the targeted muscle groups by using much heavier weights during the workout. Beginners who are able to lift barbells more effectively than dumbbells have benefited greatly from this type of exercise.

How to do the Barbel Biceps Curl

When performing this particular exercise emphasis should be placed on following through the required motion pattern ensuring that the momentum achieved does not result in leaning backwards while lifting the specified weight. Considering this common mistake made within this exercise it has been recommended that the exercise be performed in a slow and controlled manner to reduce any instances of cutting the movement pattern short and to increase the intensity of strain on the muscle fibers within the biceps to stimulate effective growth. As you can see above there are all different types of curl exercises chose the right one for you or do them all.

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