Cybergenics Workout Program For Muscle Gain

The Cybergenics WorkoutA typical cybergenic workout plan will include high intensity training consisting of a number of exercises complemented with several nutritional supplements. Providing you with a challenging and rewarding fitness experience. Most of these workouts are designed to severely train the muscle tissues while lowering the active recovery times by introducing a variety of dietary supplements. Forcing the body to shorten the recovery time of the muscle tissues to allow the athlete to train harder and for longer periods. Cybergenics workouts to maximize muscle gain for your genetic potential.

Cybergenics workout program

Nutrition for performance

One of the basic requirements of the cybergenics workout is to focus on providing the individual with a specific amount of protein content relative to their known body mass in addition to the scheduled training intensity of the workout routine. Although the program seems to have been primarily designed for individuals customarily able to consume meat within their diet, vegetarians who are interested in enrolling in the cybergenics workout are allowed to include tofu, raw almonds and beans as suitable protein substitutes instead of red meat, milk and cheese.

Yet while it is acceptable for individuals to begin the cybergenics workout program as a vegetarian it is recommended that persons who were previously not known to be vegetarians should try not to change there dietary menu mid-way the workout program.

Weight Loss potential

Cybergenic workout programs are known for containing a simple and effective menu choice for a number of healthy foods to stimulate rapid weight loss in the individual by increasing the metabolic rate. It is theorized by some professional trainers in the fitness industry that the cybergenics workout program by allowing the person to follow a specific eating schedule increases the potential of the athlete or individual to achieve the desired performance gains or weight loss.

However while the program offers some flexibility in the suggested menu diet the Cybergenics corporation strongly suggest that for you to benefit from the full potential of the workout individuals should stick to the recommended dietary supplements and exercise programs as providing the best training route to achieve your desired fitness goals.

Does the Cybergenics Workout work?

Beginners to the Cybergenics workout program are provided with the option of selecting one of three choices:

Cybergenics workout 1

▪ The first is a six-week program for individuals looking to build physique and acquire a sculpted look.

Cybergenics workout 2

▪ The second choice is a six-week Mega Weight Loss schedule including an audio tape four supplements and a number of measuring charts guided by a comprehensive manual.

Cybergenics workout 3

▪ The third option is a sixty day total bodybuilding program containing seven highly advanced supplements along with an instructional DVD illustrating the proper forms of the suggested exercises to increase your calorie burn and lose fat.

Nutrition benefits of the cybergenic plan

Regardless of the fact that although the program allows a variety of nutrition benefits to be gained from several vegetables including calcium from green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, the package is nevertheless pre-packed with a number of supplements aimed as stimulating muscle mass by being rich in calcium content.

What’s not to like?

One of the major concerns however expressed by many athletes and individuals considering the program is that the Cybergenics workout plan in its illustration does not stipulate the amount of time required for the completion exercise portion of the workout, neither is the program forthcoming about the ingredients included in the provides supplements as they are not included in the labeling.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day depending on your fitness goals and current state of health and your weight the choice is yours to make, and whilst this program may not be the best option for some individuals, it may very well work for you.

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