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Deltoid Exercises To Increase Strength

A Shoulder Workout to Blast your DeltoidsIf you have been training long enough to have reached your first plateau where you cannot increase the strength and size of a muscle any more then this workout is something you must try. It shows you how to use deltoid exercises to get massive gains to your delts and the routine is called the ‘Massive Bowling Ball Shoulder Workout’ for obvious reasons.

Try these deltoid exercises to increase your strength and build your size

There are three different exercises that are not only using drop sets but also are combining the three movements into a giant set. The rest between each is set is 8 seconds and less than 30 seconds when changing to the next movement. It is a tough workout which needs good form to avoid injury and to get the results that will make your deltoids look like bowling balls.

The most important part of this deltoid workout is the sets and reps that you are doing. Your first set is for 12 reps. You are then resting for 8 seconds and immediately starting the second set of 8 reps. Your third set is 6 reps and your last set is 4 reps where you will certainly be feeling the burn.

• Standing dumbbell shoulder press

This is the first deltoid exercise which needs to be done with your knees soft or slightly bent. You need to make sure that you are always pushing from your center and holding your stomach tight.

• Standing dumbbell upright rows

This is the second exercise which again needs to be done with soft knees and pulling the weight from your center. Always make sure that your elbows are a little higher than the dumbbells you are lifting to get the full impact on your deltoids.

• Bent over lateral raise

This is the last movement in the giant set routine by which time your shoulders should be starting to burn like hell. It is important to make sure that the grip on the dumbbells that you are using that your palms are facing behind you and not facing each other. This will ensure that your rear deltoid is taking all the stress and not your rhomboids and traps.

In conclusion it needs to be said that when you are starting out with this type of drop setting and using a combination of movements to create a superset you need to gage your strength so that you start with the correct weight. It could take a while before you know exactly what weight to use.

The first selection of the weight that you use to start with needs to be a weight that you can quite easily press 12 times doing a standing shoulder press. When you are able to do this with a selected weight there is a good chance that you will be able to complete all the drop sets.

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