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How to do Dumbbell Lunge Exercises to Get Ripped Legs

Dumbbell Lunge Exercises for Ripped LegsThe lunge in any training workout is simply defined as taking one giant step. This exercise is often performed with or without the use of weights. Occasionally the lunge has been used in strength training and cardiovascular workouts with dumbbells positioned at the sides, shoulder level, or with the use of a barbell placed behind the neck and on the shoulders. The lunge has been used in a number of training routines to strengthen upper leg muscles, quadriceps and even muscles within the butt. the db dumbbell side lunge exercise form is one of the most effect exercise.

How to perform the traditional db Dumbbell Lunge form

  1. The traditional db dumbbell lunge form is performed with the use of a maximum weight of dumbbells. Beginners however are suggested to use a lighter weight allowing them to comfortably perform the exercise.
  2. The exercise begins as the individual maintains a upright position placing both feet at shoulder-width apart and firmly gripping both dumbbells in each hand plans facing the thighs. This is commonly known as the hammer grip.
  3. Keeping the torso in an upright position the individual then takes one big step in a forward direction with the left leg bending at the knee until the thigh is almost parallel in position to the floor observing the right leg similarly bent at the knee maintaining a balance using the toes of the right foot.
  4. It is often suggested to prevent the left leg from going below the toes to minimizing the possibility of aggravating the knee joints.
  5. By mainly using the heel of the right foot the individual pushes upward returning to an upright position exhaling as the motion is performed. This motion completes one rep of the exercise.

The exercise is performed similarly with the use of the right leg to be completed in the number of reps determined by the exercise sets of the specific training workout.

This exercise requires a substantial amount of balance and should be avoided by individuals who have been known to have a history of imbalance. As a result a modified version Dumbbell Lunge exercise can be performed by the individual suffering from an imbalance by using a fixed object such as a rail for support. It is important that the exercise never be performed while placing a barbell on the back if there has been a history of back problems as this could lead to severe injury.

Reverse Dumbbell Lunge

The Reverse Dumbbell Lunge has been used in strength training to specifically target the triceps muscles while simultaneously activating almost every muscle group within the lower body such as the hamstrings, gluteus and calf muscles.

  1. The Reverse Dumbbell Lunge observed the individual standing with a pair of dumbbells in the hammer grip with both feet at hip-width.
  2. The shoulders are pulled backwards as the individual takes a step backwards with the left leg maintaining an upright torso and lowering the body bending the front knee at an angle of 90 degrees with the right knee almost touching the ground.
  3. This position is held for one count before quickly pushing the body upright to the standing position.
  4. This completes one rep of the exercise. The motion is repeated using the right leg completing a single rep. The exercise is performed alternatively using both legs to complete the required exercise set for the training workout.

DB with Touch

The dumbbell side lunge exercise and Touch is a variant of the typical dumbbell lunge and is performed with the individual standing in an upright position firmly gripping a pair of dumbbells in the hammer grip, holding them at arm’s length at both sides.

  1. In the Dumbbell Side Lunge and Touch, the individual raises the right foot taking a huge step towards the right dropping and pushing the hips backwards while lowering the body and bending the knees.
  2. The individual bends in a forward position as the body is lowered, touching the floor with both dumbbells before returning the upright position.
  3. This completes one rep of the exercise. This motion is repeated with the right leg to complete another rep.

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