How to Get Strong Legs With These Exercise Tips

Easy Exercises to Build Powerful LegsBuilding strong legs isn’t always on the top of the “to do” list with a busy career and personal life, but luckily there are some workouts out there that can be done quickly and easily to help make strong, toned legs a reality. These 3 easy exercises to build strong legs will get your legs defined and strong in no time at all.

Top Three Exercises to Build Strong Legs

Uphill Run

When it comes to toning up your leg muscles an uphill run can do a world of good. This exercise works you hamstrings, quads and glutes to help build up strength and tone on your leg muscles very quickly. Running uphill is course going to offer a much better result, but taking the time to run uphill at least 30 minutes three days a week can get your legs strong like no other workout.

Full Squats

For many people squats seem like a waste of time, but they simply aren’t doing them right. To get the true benefit of a squat you need to take it to a full squat where your thighs are parallel with the floor or even a few inches below parallel. This exercise really strengthens and tones the legs providing a highly beneficial workout that you can see the results from quickly if you do it right. With your feet shoulder width apart, squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor (or more) and hold the squat for a count of 30 and then stand back up. Repeat in a rep of 6 four times a week.

Raised Deadlift

The deadlift offers a lot of benefit to building up strong legs, but the raised deadlift provides even more of a strengthening workout quickly. The exercise works the hamstrings, quads and glutes by providing a more pronounced lift of the weight, requiring more power to be used in the legs. Find a spot where you can stand securely on a raised surface (about 6 inches off the floor) with a barbell in front of you on the ground. Standing with you feet shoulder’s width apart, squat down and lift the barbell up until your back and arms

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