Explosive Lifts to Power up your Workout

Explosive Lifts to Power up your WorkoutMost bodybuilders go for slow, controlled movement when lifting to increase time under tension. They wish to maximize each rep by straining the muscle for as long as possible. While this is a great way to break down muscle tissue, if this is what you do all of the time your muscles will stagnate and progress will slow down so below we are going to talk about explosive lifts to power up your workout.

Our bodies love to adapt to daily life and routine so we need to implement as much variety as possible to keep progressing. If you never do explosive lifts, your muscles are missing out on a gold mine of opportunity, explosive lifts move exercises can also increase the number of muscle fibers engaged during a workout!

Exercises for Explosive Lifts to Power up your Workout

• Box jumps.

Stand a step away from a box of a realistic height, below knee level is usually best for beginners. The aim of this exercise is to drive up onto the box, using your heels to drive and your knees to hinge the movement. You should also drive upwards with your arms to improve momentum, landing with your feet on the box and controlling the movement by bending knees upon landing, this will absorb the force. Step back down and repeat the exercise.

• Kettlebell Swing.

Start by standing with feet shoulder width apart, holding a kettle bell between legs with both hands. One must be sure to keep a slight bend in the knees and arms straight. Use your hips to hinge and lower the kettlebell between your legs. Then drive up through your hips in an explosive manner, swinging the kettle bell upwards with straight arms in an arch. Aim to control the weight on the way down and repeat exercise.

These 2 moves are good compound explosive exercises that will benefit you greatly. Check back with us soon for more vital information on how to improve your training.

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