Top Weight Training Program to Build your Physique

Physique Training Program build your physique body There are several different weight lifting training programs when it comes to strength training. Whether you are a big fan of full body lifting , split training, giant sets, or supersets to name a few, it goes to show there are a number of different ways people can try to achieve their fitness goals. If you want to find what maximizes your muscle growth to build your physique body you should try multiple weight training methods for at least 2-3 months each to see how your physique responds.

Top Training Program to Build your Physique

Rep, Range, Shock

That said, for the advanced lifter, one very popular and effective method to gain muscle is Power, Rep Range, Shock. This weight training method cycles the training in 3 week cycles to promote muscle growth without allowing the body time to get accustomed to one type of training. It uses  several different angles to isolate the fast twitch muscles, increase strength and power, and allows consistent progress to occur on a long term plan. Here are a few examples of rep range required for a Power, Rep Range, Shock workout.

Back Workout

– heavy compound movements with a rep range of 6-12; upwards of 12-15 total sets

For Chest and Delts –

If you're not as strong in the “push” category of exercises that work your chest and delts, higher reps like 10-15, and upwards to 20 reps for Delts can give you a great results to help build your physique body.

For Biceps –

less sets work best (between 4-6 total sets) in the 8-12 rep range

For Triceps –

more like 8-10 sets (since they are a larger muscle group than biceps), but still in the 8-12 rep range.

For Legs –

again 8-10 total sets, but the rep range is between 15-20…as heavy as you can.

Remember, this is one method that works for many lifters however it might not be the right plan for your training and goals! Understanding and figuring out what works for you will take time. But if you listen/pay attention to your body, you can eventually figure this out for yourself.

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