The Best Fitness Exercises to Keep you in Shape Over 40

The Best Fitness Exercises to Keep you in Shape Over 40

As you age, you should give a second thought to the fitness exercises you are in the habit of doing. This will keep you energetic as well as help you avoid any injuries. However, not following proper exercises will trap you in a Dad-bod and in no time you will lose your shape. For men over the age of 40, the fitness exercises should include those aimed at strength training, flexibility training. Also, if you thought the high-intensity interval training was for younger guys, well you are wrong!

We suggest you mix up your training and include various workout routines after 40 to avoid that round belly. Also, the exercises will need a little tweak for you to stay healthy and active for long. Look at these five exercises we have come up to challenge yourself to master.

Best Fitness Exercises For Dads Over 40 to Add to Your Workout Schedule

Barbell Deadlift

The Best Fitness Exercises to Keep you in Shape Over 40

If your focus is on getting in better shape, then the deadlift qualifies as a leading exercise. The barbell deadlift focuses on your lower back muscles when you pull the bar to the top. Also, if you practice doing it with a balanced weight and with the correct form, it will help to avoid injuries. Just like other fitness exercises raise the weight gradually but make sure you are comfortable. This will make it more challenging when you repeat the sets. The barbell deadlift is a safe bet as long as your spine stays neutral and your chest faces upwards.

Swiss Ball Crunch

The Best Fitness Exercises to Keep you in Shape Over 40

The swiss ball crunch is one of the perfect fitness exercises for your core. Adding this exercise to your routine will make sure you have a firm back and maintain good posture. Rely on this exercise when you want to feel the burn in your core and develop solid abs. To do the swiss ball crunch correctly position your lower back on the exercise ball. Make sure your butt is placed just off of the ball. Tuck your chin, outstretch your arms behind you and curl your abs in the front. To add more stress to your abs, it’s best to stretch your hands behind the head and rest slightly. Make sure you don’t use your arms to pull your head forward.


The Best Fitness Exercises to Keep you in Shape Over 40

There are different variations of this exercise that you can find. Planking is the way to go when you want to build abs despite any back injury. By planking, you train your abs when they are in a contracted state. All this while your spine remains neutral and in a stable position. Also, it makes sure the abs development is even throughout without any bulk in the mid-section.

Calf Stretch

This is a fantastic stretch exercise for your calves. To do it stand straight and keep your feet at shoulder width distance. For the next step bend your front leg such that the toes are visible when you look down. Align your heel, hip, and head in a straight line and lean forward while your hands rest on the wall. Performing this exercise reduces your chances of ankle injury also the movement range fairly increases.

Front Squat

We agree this is a difficult lift but quite productive. That is why it gets an honorary recommendation in our article. To improve on your flexibility, you should definitely be doing front squats. The flexibility of your ankles and wrists greatly improves with front squats just what you need when you’re over 40. To do it correctly it is essential you hold your chest upright. Start with your bodyweight until you get your form and balance correct. Slowly add more weight using a kettlebell, dumbbell or barbell.

To get the maximum benefit, we recommend you take these workouts seriously and perform them regularly. For heavy lifting be careful and implement it in the presence of your trainer. Also, before you start on with these exercises remember to do the basic warm-up exercises.

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