The Best Fitness Plan: Tips that All Men Should Live By

The Best Fitness Plan: Tips that All Men Should Live By

Sticking to a fitness plan is quite challenging, but that is how you keep marching forward and grow. As another year is knocking the doors what best time to adhere to your fitness plan than now? With new year, new me, getting back in shape and following healthy habits should definitely be on your list.

We understand it’s easy to talk about all the healthy practices one must pursue. But such intentions don’t work out most of the time. The pile of excuses and the promise of starting from tomorrow always find its way. To help you pick on the right attitude and get started, we have compiled practical and useful tips. All you need to do is add on your willingness and observe how you achieve a fit body and mind.

Handy Fitness Plan Tips for Men for a Positive Impact

Follow a Healthy Diet

The Best Fitness Plan: Tips that All Men Should Live By

This age-old advice holds true till this date. Every meal that you have must include a lot of vegetables. Do not miss out on eating fruits such as bananas, apples, citrus fruits. The fruits and vegetables are your sources of nutrients as well as for the energy you need to exercise. You should also include 28 grams of nuts in your daily diet.

Be careful with your Neck

The Best Fitness Plan: Tips that All Men Should Live By

While doing crunches make your tongue touch the upper part of your mouth. This aids in reducing the strain on your neck by aligning your neck and head properly. Thus, this saves you from possible neck injury.

Eye your Calorie Intake

The Best Fitness Plan: Tips that All Men Should Live By

If weight loss is an important part of your fitness plan watch out for what you eat. The food you intake should have the healthy calories you need in a day. It's as easy as calories in calories out. So tracking how many calories you consume will help you plan your calorie burn for your exercise session.

Reconsider Cardio

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Cardio workouts help to burn a lot of calories. So, if you want to get bulky, you should carefully consider getting cardio workouts. Running or jogging lightly for 20 minutes in a few days is good enough if you still want to include cardio.

Decide on Sets and Reps

Once the goal is ready, that is whether you want to gain strength, turn lean, etc. consider sets and reps. Laying out this scheme in advance before you go to the gym will help you while training. When you want to gain strength, you should add more sets and make reps less. If you want to gain muscles 3 sets with 8-12 reps is the right take. When fat loss is your goal, higher reps will work well to get that lean body.

Right Shoe-fit matters


When you buy workout shoes, make sure there is space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe. However, the perfect shoe size matters as it allows your toes to wiggle easily. Opt for a shoe that is longer and wider when comparing to your foot.

Challenge your Weak Spot

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There will be exercises which you dread and avoid going to the gym whenever it’s time for them. The only way your fitness plan will make sense is when you start doing it. Those exercises surely have some benefits because of which your trainer has made them a part of your routine. So, when you acknowledge your weak spot and work towards it, your fitness plan will be a success.

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