Fun Fat Burning Cardio Workouts Tips

Fun Fat Burning Cardio IdeasThere is a common problem amongst fitness fanatics; with the majority of us men tending to focus on resistance training and shying away from fun fat burning cardio but then wonder why our fat loss goals have halted or become non-existent. Many people see cardio as a chore and boring, with little stimulation but high amounts of monotony.

Fun Fat burning cardio that burn fat fast.

Cardio can be fun just like resistance training, with all exercise it is your attitude and approach that can make it fun or dull. You also don’t have to spend an hour on the treadmill every day, below are a few ideas to help make your fat burning exercise more fun.

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

HIIT is a great way to tackle your fat burning and make it fun at the same time; with this you can prove to yourself that it is all about quality and not quantity. HIIT is all about full exertion in a short session, with little rest and a high number of reps; keeping your pulse racing and body moving throughout. Two or three 15 min sessions a week will be all you need to keep your metabolism high and burning calories; it also means you can easily make time for it around your resistance training.

Combine weights with cardio

There is a lot of room for compromise in the world of fitness and instead of doing separate cardio and weights, why not combine the two? By dropping the weight and going for a higher rep range, also making sure to have less rest between sets- one can complete their resistance training and fat burn at the same time! At least two sessions like this a week will be ample fun fat burning cardio for your regimen. REMEMBER- if you are not giving it 100% every session then you will NOT get to where you want to be.

A good playlist

Music is a great motivator and there are songs out there that inspire all of us, one should never under-estimate the power of a powerful soundtrack to your workout. Brain storm a list of your favorite songs or have a look online to get some inspiration. An up tempo beat, good bass and inspiring words can really give you a second wind and keep you motivated during your workout, give it a try.

There are many more great ideas to pump up your fun fat burning cardio workout and these three tips will guarantee that your fat burning will become more fruitful and rewarding. Never give up and continue on your path.

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