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Gym Equipment to Workout with at Home

In this modern world, the advancement of technologies has led to the emergence of some of the smartest gym equipment. Nowadays, people are also more conscious of their health and fitness and realize the long term benefits for their body. So they are doing various kinds of workouts with the help of this equipment in order to maintain their physique. Moreover, a huge number of people are going to a local gym or looking for the best gym equipment to use in their home gym. We have researched some of the best high tech gym equipment that money can buy.

Gym equipment that wil blow your mind!

Bluetooth Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 560 Bluetooth dumbbells are high-tech gym equipment which is additionally integrated with the Bluetooth technology. So you can connect this with your iOS or Android Smartphone. With the use of 3D trainer app, you can watch video tutorials and further perform other workouts. It allows you to choose the necessary weight through an LCD screen that is on each dumbbell. Also, you can adjust the weight from 10 to 60 pounds in each dumbbell.

Ciclotte Stationary Bike

Ciclotte stationary bike is one of the best pieces of high-tech gym equipment. It is an Italian made machine and has a very impressive design. In fact, this is the first exercise machine to possess the electromagnetic resistance system. To ride this machine use the pedals to push like any other bike. However, the big difference is there is no spinning wheel. The body has a circle that rotates around another larger circle using electromagnetic technology to provide resistance to feel like you are on a real bike. The price tag of $10,000 dollars puts it out of range for most. But it is a highly rated and effective machine if you have deep enough pockets.


VFit is the latest 3D body scanner which looks like a booth with Virtual scanning capabilities. This equipment has lasers and cameras to snap the photos of your body in order to record your fitness level like BMI, body fat etc. Also, it enables you to track these conditions on your Smartphone through an application.

Vacu Active HydroShape Aqua Bike

The Vacu Active HydroShape Aqua Bike is an underwater bike. In fact, it can be used to get the benefits of hydromassage as well as cycling training within a device. When you workout in this machine it enhances your muscle growth and reduces fat and cellulite.

uGallop 2

uGallop 2 is an unusual piece of gym equipment which is inspired by the benefits of horseback riding used an abs exerciser. In fact, this device, with its unique technology gives you the feel of horseback riding without any negative effects. Besides, the movement that occurs in this device can tone your belly, hip, seat, and thighs. It also helps improve stability, give you fine posture and improved coordination all in the comfort of your living room.

Peloton Bike

Peloton Bike is the ultimate gym equipment which is specially made for cardio exercise. In fact, this machine is equipped with a 22 inch touchscreen display where you can also watch various kinds of workouts. Besides, it enables you to attend the live studio fitness classes online and ride along with the top trainers in the world. The belt-drive system makes the machine noiseless even when you use it at night. In addition, you can use the clip pedals to wear your cycling shoes and it also has a dumbbell holder.

These are some of the high-tech gym equipment that you can use to enhance your workouts in a smarter way. Further, make use of these pieces of equipment and take your fitness to a new level

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