How To Do a Handstand: A Step By Step Guide

Step by step guide to nail your handstand

It takes a lot of years of practice to master the intimidating pose of a handstand. In order to properly do a handstand, you need the right physical skill and a lot of strength. Performing a handstand demands flawless balance, good core strength, and good overall upper-body strength. Not everyone can do a handstand with ease, and this is why we have come up with this step-by-step guide. It is the perfect solution when you want to learn how to do a handstand for beginners. This is here to help you be the star of your fitness community by executing a perfect hand balance.

Also, if you are finding reasons to skip it let us tell you that it is excellent for your delts, lats, rhomboids, traps, arms, and core. So you may want to give it some second thoughts. While nailing it is not going to be easy, but once you perform this favorite posture correctly, you will be proud of your achievement. All that dedication, perseverance, all that sweat you break while practicing it regularly will be worth it. Just remember to be patient with your mind and your body. Hear out the cues your body gives you. There are no shortcuts to nail it at the first go. However, you can literally turn your world upside down figure out how to do the hand balance flawlessly with this guide!

Your Only Guide To Properly Do a Handstand!

Start off with Hand and Knees Plank

Step by Step to Completing a hand stand

To begin with, be on your hands and knees. Keep your shoulder weight at the center of your palms. Your navel and sub-navel should be pulled inwards and ensure your lower ribs align toward the center line. The next step is to extend your tailbone but creating a gap between your shoulder blades. Keep your focus in between the hands and hold this pose for full 5 breaths. Come back to the initial position and repeat the hand and knee plank for three more times.

Full Plank

To perform the full plank ensure that your shoulders are stacked at the center of your palms. Now, use your core muscles and tighten your torso while you use your lower abs. Use your shoulder strength to press into the ground. By doing this try to create a gap between your shoulder blades as much as you possibly can. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet and bring your thighs closer. This will stimulate your glutes. Again keep the focus in between the hands and hold the pose for the same time as above. After coming back to ease, repeat the full plank for three more times.

Pike Plank

In order to prepare you to do a handstand workout, the Pike Plank can be considered as another best pose you must definitely do. It is the closest pose that imitates lifting while doing a handstand. To begin with, do a Full Plank at first and keeping the shoulder girdle stable try to bring your feet as close to your hands as possible. Maintain a 4-inch distance between your hands and feet. Next, you have to extend your tailbone, tuck your ribs in and tighten your core. Your shoulders should be forward aligning with the front of your palms. Repeat gazing between your hands for five breaths and repeat it for three more times.

The Tuck

To start with this exercise first lie down on your back. Now draw your lower ribs and tuck your tailbone and inhale all along. Next, you have to bring the shoulders off the ground and carry the crown of your head closer to your knees. Remember to exhale when you carry this out. Following that bring your knees towards your torso and wrap them using both your hands. Use your lower abs while you suck in the lower belly closer to your spine. Hold this for five breaths and come back to the initial position. Repeat for the same number of time as above.

The Row Boat to do a handstand

To do the Row Boat, you have to perform the above exercise first. Once you are in The Tuck position, reach upward with your arms and take a deep breath while you do it. Make sure your shoulders are properly off the ground. Now bring the lower back to a flat position on the field and reach out with your legs outward. The Row Boat engages your quadriceps and acts on it. Hold this position for five complete breaths.

Use the Wall for Climb

Wall Climb handstand

Take the help of a wall or a tree in order to execute this method. You have to maintain an inverted-L shape by taking the support of the wall or tree. This will further develop your strength along the midsection and help you accurately do a handstand. To achieve the Climb, you have to start with the Pike Plank and use your feet to touch the back of the wall. You have to make sure that your hips are in line with your shoulders. Also, check whether your feet are in line with your hips to maintain inverted-L shape with ease. It is essential for you to manage your balance.

Handstand Alas!

Full Handstand Form

First and foremost start with the Pike Plank pose. Now gradually raise your left foot in the air and see to it that it is aligned with your body’s centerline. Take a deep breath in and lean your shoulders to the front while keeping in alignment with the centerline. Use your core strength and retain the right knee closer to your torso to maintain your balance. It won’t let you tip off far. Keep your entire focus on your hands and remember not to make the jump with all your force. To nail your first handstand have trust in you and believe in your strength.

Follow these steps to do a handstand and pick up the most craved pose in yoga. But most importantly remind yourself of your strength. Have patience and forgive yourself on days you may not be able to execute it right. Going hard on yourself is not the solution, stop asking yourself “Why can’t I do a handstand?”. In fact, being consistent in your practice is the answer. This overall step-by-step training program is there to motivate you and illuminate you with how it should be done appropriately. Improve your skills and show the world what some time, effort, and dedication can do!

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