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How to Gain Muscle Fast With this Program

Pro Secrets for Muscle GrowthThe pro secrets for muscle growth. There are so many different ways that we can use weights in a gym we can gain muscle fast. We can use them to increase our cardiovascular fitness, increase our VO2 Max and find many different ways of getting tired. But when your specific objective is gain muscle fast then reaching the point of failure is essential.

Tips to Gain Muscle Fast and build your dream body

If you talk to any of the top ten professional bodybuilders that put on muscle for a living they will all tell you that their secret is the basics are the best. We will be examining what the basics are and exactly how to use sets and reps to get the best muscle gains that you can.

Use proper technique

First we need to emphasize form and technique when you are training which is absolutely vital if you want to avoid injury and land up doing negatives after you have reached the point of failure. Breathing correctly when you are doing the movement is also just as important as form.

As Lee Haney says you need to stimulate and not annihilate which means you need to use the weight to train the muscle and not the other way around. You are a power-lifter if you just go to the gym to lift a heavier weight every time you train.

Isolate muscle groups

Using a weight specifically to help you isolate a muscle group and reach a point of failure when training that muscle group takes dedicated focus and attention to exactly what you are doing. It is not like elevating your heart-rate while jogging or cycling on a bike, they are completely different types of training.

Gain Muscle Fast by selecting the right rep range

It demands focus and attention and the professionals will tell you that selecting a rep range lower than 6 reps is counter-productive and you should aim to reach the point of failure around 10 to 15 reps. Reaching failure at 12 or 13 reps as you shoot for 15 reps has many advantages.

Firstly it will get you a better pump in the gym while you are training. But more importantly the rush of blood and nutrients that pour into the muscle will help you achieve maximum muscle growth, which has now been proven. The result is that you can reach your goals a lot faster.

It all leads to progressive resistance

We all know very well that the only way to build muscle fast is with progressive resistance and breaking down fibers rebuilds muscles bigger. This means that you need to get stronger to lift a heavier weight but when doing this you need to not get carried away with the weight that you lift and rather focus on how you use your ability to isolate in order to lift the weight. these are the pro secrets for muscle growth.

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