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How to Get Bigger Chest Muscles

Add Inches to Your Chest MusclesAlthough the workout development of a good set of chest muscles is something that is sought after by pretty much all men the knowledge that the average person has on this subject seems to be a little less than desired. But just like any muscle in your body the right exercises and training methods will help you develop a killer set of pecs in no time. How to add inches to your chest muscles

Workout Tips to add inches to your chest muscles

You should make an effort to do exercises that will work you sternal pectoral muscles and clavicular muscles. This means using movements like bench-press dumbbell fly’s as well as the many other alternatives that also include dumbbell press and decline and incline press. In developing size your primary objective is to get strong.

Isolation Exercises

There are countless ways that you can increase the rate at which you add inches to your chest but it all comes down to the specific isolation ability that you have developed when training your chest. Two extremely effective methods we have outlined below that can help you get growing fast.

Choosing your lifting weight

The first is the selection of the weight that you are going to work with. Research has shown conclusively that doing 6 to 12 repetitions gets the best results and that you should select a weight that varies. Remember to only go up in weight when you can execute 12 reps in a row with good form and without feeling strain or fatigue. If you are ready to increase your weight go up in increments of 5 – 10%.

This takes a bit of practice and there are many ways that you can do this. One example of this is by jotting down the weight that you use so that you know exactly how to measure your progress when you next do your chest. You will then be able to make sure that when you next train your chest that you use the same progression and increase it by 5% to 10%.

Select Your Exercises for Max Results

The second selection is making a specific decision about the style of bench-press and fly’s that you are going to do by making sure that you never lock-out. The lock-out only uses your triceps and not your chest so you can create a movement with constant tension and focus specifically on your pecs and not the weight.

Alternate Training to get bigger chest muscles

Never work your chest muscle consecutive days in a row as that can cause overtraining and an overall decline in your strength and performance.  The last point is all to do with the food that you eat as this is a vitally important part of getting the results from your hard and intense workouts to get that big chest. This article is far too short to be able to cover all the diet requirements and can be simply summed up by your protein and carb combinations.

In addition to your lifting routine you need to make sure you are fueling your body with enough lean protein to get the job done. Multiply your weight in pounds by .37 to show you the amount in grams of your daily protein intake this will support lean muscle tissue maintenance . You also want to ensure that the carbohydrates and fruit and vegetable intake match your efforts to ensure best results in growing your chest muscles.

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