How to Get Started Training at Home

How to Get Started Training at HomeThere are many advantages of training at home but there are many gym goers who feel that they have to stick to the hassle of going to the gym in order to get results, which is not true at all. We will be discussing the reasons why this is not true.

Here's how to get huge by just training at home.

It’s all about time management because if you want to put aside 60 minutes so that you can train you need to first get to a gym and there are many things that will stop you completing everything in only 60 minutes. Whether it be the traffic that you need to get through just to get to the gym or the waiting for a bench to be free in a busy gym there will always be something that will take more time than you think it will.

What you need to do when training at home.

When training at home you not only need a lot of discipline to stick to the workout schedule that you have planned but you also need to get hold of a few pieces of  equipment. You also will need a few different variations of weights along with enough weight plates that you can challenge yourself with.

For starters you will need an area to set up your home gym

This can be a spare bedroom or extra space in the garage. Just make sure you have enough room to set up the equipment you like to workout out with and leave enough space to safely perform the exercises. Some good equipment to get you started are a  few pairs of dumbbell's if you are short on space try the adjustable variation like the Bowflex SelectTech.  Also having a bench and a straight bar is going to be very helpful. The rest of the equipment you can tailor to your workout preferences and available space.

Working out at home you cant forget to warm up first.

Knowing how to start your workout at home is going to depend on your previous experience when it comes to training. If you have never trained on a regular basis before then you will want to find the appropriate workout for your fitness level and start slowly. Always make sure you get a warm up in before you begin each workout whether you want to jog around the block or do a few dynamic stretches before you get started.

When working at home know your physical ability

If you start a workout that is more advanced than your body is physically your risk for injury increases greatly. If you suffer an injury then that new gym you just spent all that time setting up will be sitting by collecting dust. So make sure to start with a beginners workout if you are a little out of practice before you move up to a more advanced workout regimen.

Chose the proper workout plan for your training.

Selecting the correct workout plan is vitally important when training at home. Find inspiration with new workout routines and print them out ahead of time or save them to your smart phone so you can refer back to the exercises and eliminate the guess work.

Customization is also key.

For example if you find a great arms workout but can't do military press because of a shoulder injury just swap it out for a modified version. Keeping a workout journal is a fantastic idea as well to help you keep track of your reps and exercises, and let's face it doing this at home is much easier than toting a notepad around the gym.


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