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How To Have Stronger Knees Exercises program

Exercises for Stronger Knees

One of the most commonly injured joints of the human body is the knees. Taking into account the fact that during your everyday activities such as walking or climbing a flight of stairs, the pressure exerted across the joints of your knees is calculated at about four times your known body weight. It could possibly more if you’re carrying any loads such as the grocery bag or carrying any weighted object for a known distance. Lets face it, comparable to almost everything in life, the day-to-day grind and stress of your average workload can eventually result in ruining your mobility that’s why having a great workout exercise for stronger knees is so important.

Tips for building stronger knees

Although most of you will consider this a frightening thought, all is not lost. Like any other piece of machinery, your body with the proper care and nourishment can function free of any unnecessary stress and discomfort. Regardless of your current physical state or past history of knee problems you too can begin exercising the muscle tissue connecting your knee joints to build stronger knees allowing you to be less vulnerable to knee injury by performing a range of exercises designed for a stronger knees to prevent stiffening of the knee joints while building the necessary support to increase your mobility and reduce pain.

Most training exercises aimed at strengthening the quad muscles are known for recruiting the supporting muscle tissue around the knees. Thus by strengthening your quads you also benefit from developing your knee joints.

Some of the basic exercises you can perform to strengthen and extend your knees include:

How to perform Leg Lifts:

  1. Stronger knees When performing the leg lifts you’ll want to chose a suitable location and begin by either sitting on the floor or in your bed.
  2. Beginners should ensure their back is fully supported, placing both hands behind the back or adjacent to the headboard.
  3. Begin the exercise by securing one of your pillows below the knees and start by lifting your left foot for just a few inches until the back of your knee begins pressing into the pillow holding this position for a minimum of ten seconds.
  4. Repeat the exercise by alternatively using your right leg until you experience a mild burning sensation within your quadriceps.

For the best results most professional trainers advise performing leg lifts at least twice daily increasing the number of reps for each leg a their muscle tissues develop in strength.

The Wall Slide stronger knees

The Wall Slide Before beginning this exercise you should generally perform a simple warm up by walking about at least three to five minutes to stretch the muscles of the knees.

It always helps if you’ve got a comfortable pair of professional athletic shoes to provide full support for your feet.

  1. You’ll begin the exercise by standing on a non-slippery floor finish or carpet with your back against a wall both feet positioned together and straight out in front of you.
  2. Start by sliding down the wall as much as possible until you are in a seated position and hold this position for a period of fifteen to twenty seconds and then slide back up.
  3. Beginners should repeat the exercise in eight to twelve reps increasing the exercise sets as they progress. For stronger knees
  4. After performing your wall slides, stretch your knees by walking around briefly.

Beginners should note that as with any other exercise you should check with your local physician to ensure the exercises can be performed in a safe environment, especially if you’ve previously had any history of knee injury

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