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How to Avoid Injuries at the GymWe’ve all been there, a sharp pain during an exercise or a dull ache long after we’ve left the gym; getting an injury during a workout can be painful and slow down the progress of a health plan, making it no fun for anyone. Luckily, there are ways to help avoid those kinds of situation and we’ve put together a list of ways to prevent injuries at the gym.

How to avoid injuries at the gym

1. Warm Up

Warm up to prevent injuries at the gym is pretty much the most important way on how to avoid an injury at the gym because a body that isn’t stretched and warmed up for a workout is more likely to develop an injury. Take the time to warm up your muscles and get them flexible slowly until every part of the body is ready for the workout, your body will thank you.

2. Learn the Right Exercise Form

Besides warming up, incorrect form is the biggest reason for reason why injuries occur in a gym, so make sure to know the correct form of the exercise before you actually do it. With many exercises one wrong move and wrist rotates too far or a muscle stretch too much, causing an injury that can be both painful and set you back for days or more.

3. Incorporate Variety into Your Routine

Another way how to avoid an injury at the gym is by rotating through various exercises and machines to ensure variety in the workout. Doing too much of one exercise or focusing too much on one specific area of the body is a recipe for disaster, leading to an overuse injury that will require resting the area for days afterward.

4. Don’t Lift too Much Weight

Sure, as a man you probably got at least a little self esteem wrapped up in how much weight you can lift at the gym, but don’t overdo it when you’re trying to impress the ladies. Lifting too much weight during a workout can tear muscles and even lead to more serious injuries is the weight causes you to overbalance and fall, breaking bones on the way down.

5. Avoid Complicated Equipment

There are some excellent workout machines available that help to build muscle, stretch the body and get the heart pumping, but there are also machines that require far too much thought and lead to injuries because people just don’t know how to use them. Instead of spending a long while trying to figure out how to use the machine or going ahead with it and injuring your body because you moved the wrong way, choose a less complicated machine to spend your time on.

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