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Common Weightlifting Mistakes You are Guilty of

Are You Guilty of these Common Weightlifting Mistakes

Weightlifting is a staple in just about every man’s workout routine and a great way to stay in shape. It can be used to strengthen overall body muscle, and the end results you get to look really fit. There are several different types of weight training and sometime we make common weightlifting mistakes. The two most common types are weight lifting machines and free weights.

Are you guilty of these common weightlifting mistakes

Some machines are targeted towards specific muscle groups like glutes, biceps, pectorals or quads. There are other machines that act on multiple muscle groups in your body at the same time for a more global, comprehensive workout. With free weights, you can target certain muscle groups as well, and design a more specific look based on your personal preference. If you want to have the most effective, and long lasting, body building strategy, it is important to avoid common weightlifting mistakes to prevent injury.


Weightlifting works by causing tears in our muscle tissue each time we train. Then, while we rest, our muscles heal, grow, and reshape themselves. If you train too much, your muscles will stay in a constant state of injury. You need sleep and eat a healthy diet to help get the most effective use of your weight training. It’s also important to design a training regimen that is right for you, and not use a regimen used by professional bodybuilders or athletes that are at a higher fitness level than you.

Over Lifting

Is one of the more common weightlifting mistakes. By choosing a weight or setting that is too high for you, and completing the rep using bad form can cause serious injury on your muscles and more specifically your back. If you find yourself straining to the point where you have to compromise your form, take it down a notch and try your lift again.

Bad Diet common weightlifting mistakes

Part of gaining muscle is fueling your body with the right kind of muscle building foods. When you don’t give your body enough nutrients, it is designed to hold onto your fat stores and will burn muscle instead, which completely defeats the purpose. Make sure your diet is full of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats such as olive oil, and lean protein, like grilled salmon or chicken. Don’t rely on supplements to do all the work for you. Without a healthy diet and a proper workout strategy, they won’t help much.

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