How To Track Your Fitness Progress

The Importance of Tracking Your Fitness ProgressFitness is all about results. Results in your energy, results in your attitude, results in the mirror, results in your life, and also results on paper. The importance tracking fitness progress can maximize your results.

What is the importance of tracking fitness progress

Reason 1 – Easier to track results

It may seem easy when you’re under the bar to remember that you squatted/benched/lifted xy pounds today, z times and next week you should up those numbers when train again. However, after coming in the next day, doing different exercises and sometimes using similar weight, the empirical aspect of weight lifting can get a little hazy and some numbers can run together. You probably won’t find yourself on the bench confusing your squat max of 315 with your bench max of 215 but you will probably forget just how much you went up over the last couple weeks and may not get the most production out of your lifts.

Reason 2 – Get the most production out of your lifts

When you track your progress, you can see a trend, or orchestrate one to strive to achieve. i.e. “I will increase my sets by 5 pounds every week for five weeks.” By knowing where you left off since your last lift and the trends you have been demonstrating over time, you can forecast what your next lift should be and that will drive you to improve and get the most production out of your lifts and your mind won’t be occupied with trying to remember what you should be lifting next.

Reason 3 –You don’t want your mind occupied with trying to remember what you should be lifting next

This is dangerously borderline to classic meat-head-stereotype, but…get your brain out of lifting. Get your mind off the logistics of lifting by writing things down and tracking your fitness progress! You don’t want to be calculating and thinking about reps and weight right before you get under the bar. You want to be getting hyped for your next set! You want your mind clear so all you have to focus on is motivating yourself to perform the task that you are supposed to perform. Take all the thinking out of it by tracking your fitness progress and reading where you should be off your journal. Then you can just DO and not have to THINK; and you can enjoy what working out is really all about- results.

Reason 4 to track fitness progress –  Measure Results

Tracking your fitness progress makes it easier achieve results or to realize when you have hit your goals. By writing things down you can keep more efficient record of what you have done and where you are going, thereby freeing cognitive resources that would be used to try and recall what you should be lifting so you can focus just on maximizing the productivity of your lifts. If you combine all these things it’s a formula for maximum results.

Every week you can review your progress because you have been keeping track of your numbers and seeing the numbers keep getting bigger and bigger on paper is a self-perpetuating motivator. The greater the numbers get, the more excited and proud you become, and the more pumped you are to get back to it. The gym is all about results and when they are apparent on paper they will be apparent on your body.

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