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Mental Toughness Training - Mastering Your MindMental toughness is what often separates the average athletes from the exceptional ones. When it comes to strength training, there are tons of blood-pumping, skin-crawling, muscle-building intensity workout techniques you can use in your regular, everyday workouts to take them from just ordinary to spectacular. However, among all of these, there is one that we haven’t yet mentioned that in our ever-so-humble opinion is probably the most effective. It is the easiest to use every day, but sometimes the hardest to master. What is it you ask? The MIND!

Workout techniques to master your mental toughness

Have you ever heard the expression, “whether you believe you can or you can’t, either way you’re right”? The mind can push you past boundaries you never thought possible. Think about one of your sets from your last workout. Did you take it all the way to failure or was the pain too much for you? Could you have done 1 more? Hell, could you have done 4 or 5 more? We would venture to guess that each and every one of us stops short of our true potential.

The art of visualizing

The next time you’re at the gym, before you start your set, visualize how the set is going to go. Visualize the weight in your hands; how hard you’ll be pushing or pulling. Visualize the last few reps and how you WON’T stop short this time…and how you WILL push through the barriers you’ve set in your own mind! If you are new to this intensity workout technique try to find time to meditate.

Tap into meditation for increased performance

Try meditation, whether it be during your morning shower or any other time you can get some peaceful quiet time without interuption. You might be really bored at first but once you can relax and visualize your goals and watch them coming to fruition you will be well on your way to mastering this technique.

Unfortunately, unlike the other intensity workout techniques we’ve mentioned, no one can help you with this technique. This one is all about you. However, once you’ve started to perfect it, can you imagine the possibilities?

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