Pyramid Workout For Weight Loss Challenge

Keys to A Successful Pyramid Workout ChallengeThe key to a successful pyramid workout challenge. Pyramid workout routine designed to allow the exerciser to perform an exercise for a specific number of repetitions then working their way in the number of reps to one.

The key to a successful pyramid workout challenge

A basic and effective workout used to challenge the user both physically and mentally, this type of training was developed with the sole intention of placing intense fatigue on the muscles. The training can either be implemented in an upward or downward sequence using required weights or repetitions. The Pyramid workout plan has been seen as a successful training routine as it has been found to provide the user with a high frequency workout for a shorter period of time with increased training density.

The Pyramid workout is fun and challenging as it can be achieved with almost any piece of fitness equipment found at you local gym including your very own bodyweight. The only main ingredients needed are hard work and some levels of creativity.

Benefits of Pyramid training

▪ The ability to be completed using any type of fitness equipment.
▪ The duration of the workouts are short and high frequency thus not demanding on time.
▪ The training can be used as a form of strength training, athletic, or to achieve and maintain weight loss.
▪ The training routine can be done solo or with a partner.

One of the more common variations of the pyramid workout consists of putting two specific exercises back to back of each other, using the identical interval times followed by no more than a ten second rest period before successfully moving on to the next set. This workout allows the user to complete a short pyramid group set with an increase by ten second intervals, beginning at ten and gradually working the way towards thirty seconds when decreasing the count back to ten seconds.

How does it work?

The main purpose of the pyramid routine such as included is to physically challenge a person’s cardiovascular threshold without putting the person’s physical health at risk to attain the maximum level of exhaustion without pushing the body over the limit. A simple yet effective form of the pyramid workout can be easily achieved using the bench press.

Six simple yet effective steps

1. Ensure perform a warm up routine before exercising to prepare the muscles for the intense workout to follow to minimize the potential for injury to the muscles.
2. Position yourself on the bench press to begin your workout.
3. Begin your first work sets with a series of no more than ten reps
4. Continue the workout using the same weights on the existing bar with nine reps
5. Take a rest period if necessary and continue the next set with eight reps.
6. Continue this pattern until you get to 1 rep.

Visualize the Pyramid Workout

The Pyramid training routine is typically used in a workout to build muscle mass, reduce fat and maintain a healthy body through weight loss. Many enthusiasts have found that by increasing the variety of their pyramid training routine, they have been able to increase the results of their workouts by specifically targeting selective muscular areas to achieve overall strength increase and muscular density.

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