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Micro Workouts Exercises Routines

Effective Micro WorkoutsMicro workouts today have become somewhat of a seemingly popular novelty as a vast number of fitness and health professionals today are constantly encouraging more and more people to get involved in this type of workout. The micro workouts exercises is frequently seen as an ideal and preferred option for the busy individual who is unable to fit a traditional exercise routine within their daily schedule which when considering all the factors and take a detailed look at the concept behind micro workouts it’s quite easy to see how it all makes perfect sense.

What are micro workout exercises?

Whether you’re standing in line at your favorite grocery store, waiting to cross a busy street, taking a brisk walk or stroll, running up a flight of stairs at the office or pacing yourself while taking on the telephone, all these daily activities can be considered as little moments of exercise. However pay no mind to the sometimes obvious silliness of the unconventional movement of the activity or to the persons who may give you the occasional snare or confused look. Just remember that what you’re doing is perfectly healthy and beneficial for you.

How do they work?

You can begin your day with a series of micro workouts before you start your daily routine in the mornings by starting off with three sets of wake-up abdominal crunches using 20 reps followed by 60 seconds of back extensions for getting you off to a great start. You can even include two minutes each of intense stretches, lunges, wall push-ups and leg lifts for an additional eight minutes of calorie burning.

Example Micro Exercise Plan:

  • Performing a set of Jumping Jacks at a high intensity for a duration of 30 seconds.
  • Rest in-between for another 30 seconds and perform another set.
  • Squat using your bodyweight for 60 seconds
  • Run up a flight of stairs at the office or at home for 60 seconds

Throughout your daily schedule there are several micro workout routines you can include into your work schedule to amount for a total workout. The key factor to note however is to perform a variety of exercises known for recruiting a wide range of muscle tissues, for a short duration of 30 – 120 seconds at a fairly high intensity.

Small exercises you can easily incorporate into your daily routine:

  • Instead of picking up the phone to talk to your coworker sitting across the room, get up and walk over to his/her desk for a quick chat
  • While talking on your mobile phone, move around the room and try doing a few occasional squats and calf raises.
  • During your lunch-break, take a casual but brisk walk before you actually get something to eat. Remember you don’t want to exercise on a full stomach.
  • Instead of riding the elevator, try using the stairs whenever possible
  • Whenever you’re on the “throne” do a few wrist and ankle rotations to loosen up those joints.
  • Provided you work in a safe neighborhood, on your way to work try parking your car a couple of blocks from work and walk briskly for the remaining distance.
  • If you live within a close proximity to your office, consider cycling to work instead of driving.

Keep in mind that the micro workout should not be used as a permanent strategy for weight loss of muscle build. Rather is should be utilized as a measure to maintain your fitness level and possibly harness some new skills.

Most importantly the micro exercises mentioned above do not require a lot of effort. Always take one small step at a time and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier you.

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