Fighter Workout For Fat Loss and Muscle Mass

MMA Ultimate - Fighter Workout For MenIf you have ever watched a MMA fight you know without a doubt that these guys are lean mean fighting machines. The fighters achieve those chiseled bodies and intense strength and power through discipline, mental toughness and grueling workouts. Most importantly, we have their secrets here to share with you. This MMA Ultimate Fighter Workout is divided into three stages power, strength and fat burn. Make sure you complete each stage before starting the next. And be forewarned this workout is not for the weak.

Ultimate fighting requires a high level of power and quick reflexes. Stage one will take you through some power training.

The MMA Ultimate Fighter Workout

Warm up with a light jog and dynamic stretching
Boxing Bag jabs
Sled pulls (run about 20 years with 40lb+ weight tied to a rope around your waist.)
Boxing Bag kicks
Boxing Ab work (do abs while a partner hits you in the gut with a medicine ball)

Stage two consists of strength training.

This is another key component to success as an ultimate fighter.
Russian Deadlifts
Kettlebells (Kettlebell swings, Kettlebell pushups)
Power Cleans
Bench press
Lat Pull Downs

The third and final Phase is the fat burn.

In order to have stamina throughout the fight these guys have to be in great cardiovascular shape. Finish off your workout like a champ.
60 minutes cardio (treadmill or outdoor jog)
Cool down and stretch

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