My Running Euphoria

My Running Euphoria on wet sandWhether your running for your life like Charlie Brown, or jumping over hurdles like a cross country All-American, or running on wet sand like the ever so inspirational Olympic hope-full’s in Chariots of Fire, you are enjoying a sense of euphoria that is often called "runner's high".

How running can improve your life

Its marathon season, track & field training is in full swing, and even though you might not consider myself an avid runner, it's no reason why you can enjoy a good run. Even a 3k, 5k, or 10k they all give me that "high" that so many runners love to experience. Yes there are days, more often that not, that you may dread going for that run, but should motivate you is remembering how you are going to feel afterwards.

The Runners "High"

As it was so eloquently stated in a recent New York Times Magazine article, "pure happiness, elation, a feeling of unity with one's self and/or nature, endless peacefulness," "inner harmony". That's what it's all about! An incredible sense of euphoria that you cannot trade for anything, AND when you realize that you are doing something GREAT for the body.... priceless!

Anyone can do it!

Running is a great form of exercise that can be enjoyed by all, men & woman alike, and that feeling that you get after shouldn't be missed by any! So since it’s an exercise that can be done anywhere, as long as you have a good pair of running shoes and an open area, we urge you all to go out there and hit the pavement, sand, or treadmill. Start slow, run/walk if you are a beginner, and slowly work your way up to a good thirty minutes jog. And Before you know it a 10k will feel like a stroll in the park.

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