Muscle Building Myths and Facts You Need to Know

Myths on Toning MuscleWe have all been told what the ‘best way’ to build muscle is or heard of quick fixes to improve toning muscle. So let us point out a few muscle building myths that you should take with a grain of salt if anybody tries to sell them to you.

Top "bro-science" Muscle Building Myths

1. Turning fat into muscle or vice versa

Many guys who lurk around the bench press or stalk those forums online will often preach about how they turned fat into muscle when they started training. Or how athletes get fat when they stop training, or bodybuilders who lose all of their muscle and it turns to fat when they stop lifting. This is all nonsense! They are completely different tissues consisting of different cells; meaning different functions.

Skeletal muscle grows when you lift and the muscle cells increase in size to make the workload easier; you don’t create new muscle cells. As for fat tissue, new cells are created and stored in the body due to excess calories. Therefore muscle will shrink if it stops being worked and fat will increase if calories are at a rate too high for an individual’s exertion levels. Don’t get it twisted.

2. White carbs are bad

If white carbs were THAT bad, we are sure all of the professional runners, boxers, bodybuilders, and football players would steer clear of them. As a matter of fact, they don’t, white rice and white potatoes are healthy complex carbs that contain vital starch for slow sustained energy release. Then there is cauliflower, a white fibrous carbohydrate that almost has the same nutritional composition as broccoli. You can stay lean and healthy while eating these white carbs as part of a balanced diet.

3. The more you lift the bigger you will be

The craziest thing about this idea is that some people say overtraining does not exist; so they think spending 3 hours in the gym is going to get them huge. Anything over 90 minutes in the gym is wasting your time, you have either pushed them to the point of full fatigue or been stood around talking. After 1 hour of training, you should be focused on your next meal because without it; your lifting session is only going to be detrimental to your gains. To anybody training legs (for example) as hard as they can, try doing it every day, then, tell us overtraining doesn’t exist. Muscles grow when they are rested, it’s not rocket science- It’s all about common sense folks. Stick with this advice and don't fall for any of these muscle building myths to keep you working in the right direction.

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