Ninja Warrior Workout Plan For The Everyday Man

Ninja Warrior WorkoutThe American Ninja Warrior is a reality TV competition show where some of the most talented, impressively strong and nimble competitors navigate through some of the toughest obstacles courses known to man. This show was inspired by the Japanese show Sasuke and the top 10 warriors go on to compete in the annual competition in Mount Midoriyama, Japan. The USA version of the show and it's loyal fan base has created the generation of the ninja warrior workout plan.

What is the ninja warrior workout plan?

The warriors complete obstacles like climbing cargo nets, running over rolling barrels, and climbing half-pipes all without the use of tools or gear. This competition has attracted celebrities and professional athletes alike however there have only been three people to complete the daunting course in Japan (all Japanese) amazingly enough all three men were not professional athletes they were a fisherman, a crabber and a shoe salesman. This show is so popular it has inspired a nationwide workout trend with ninja warrior style gyms popping up all of the USA. So if you want to get in on the action, try the ninja warrior workout.

Ninja Warrior Exercises

Short of building an obstacle course in your backyard, your ninja warrior workout can take place at your local park, playground, gymnastics gym or Ninja gym if you are lucky enough to have one in your area.

  • 30 minute warm-up jog
  • Monkey bars – 4 x across and back without stopping –(10 sets)
  • Rope climb – Practice climbing the rope without using your feet (10 sets)
  • Bench Jumps – Jump up on to the seat of the bench x 30 (10 sets)
  • Pushups – x 20 (10 sets)
  • Cargo Net – if there is a cargo net available practice your climb,  if you don't have access to one add in some extra rope climbs (10 sets)
  • Pull – ups x10 (10 sets)

Are you ninja tough?

If you think you have the skills, strength, stability, balance and mental toughness to make the cut, they accept video auditions in their casting process prior to every season. If you just like to watch these incredibly skilled ninja's in action check it out to see who is ninja tough.

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