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Best Shoulder Workout Exercise Training Routine

Shoulder workouts for supersized shoulders

If you want to focus on shoulder workout exercises, you should know what the advanced training principles are. If you have a specific goal, you need to determine a routine for more optimal results. When it comes to accomplishing your fitness goal, everything matters, from the choice of the exercise to the sets and reps you are doing. Workout routines may differ for different people as each lifter has a different workout style. However, there are some tried and true methods that will get you those huge boulder shoulders.

To train your delts, you can find plenty of exercises in different variations. Pick the one you like and follow it religiously for 4 to 8 weeks. You have the choice to target your workout or adjust your workout to the lifts that will help you achieve your ultimate goal. We have come up with some of the best moves to boost your workout routine.

Fierce Shoulder Workout exercises for Bigger and Wider Shoulders


Seated Arnold Press

seated arnold press

To perform it hold a dumbbell in each hand while you sit and ensure the palms face towards you. Apply force and lift it over your head. Move your wrists a little so that you have straight arms with the palms face away. Do about 3 sets of this exercise with 12 reps in each set. Take 30-sec rest to recover.

Seated Lateral Raise

seated lateral raise

This is a great exercise when your goal is to build mass in your delts. It is a solid mass workout that boosts muscle growth. To perform this exercise use lighter dumbbells. You need to lean a little forward to raise the dumbbells and lift it shoulder height with the help of your elbows. When you reach the height hold this position for a few seconds then gradually lower down in full control. Do about 3 sets of this shoulder exercises with 12 reps in each set. Take 10-sec rest to recover.

Bent-over Reverse Flye

Bent over Reverse Flye

Pick a similar weight to the seated lateral raise and take a standing position. After that, you have to bend forward from your hips. With the elbows, support raise the dumbbells to the height of your shoulder and hold it for few seconds. Lower down slowly keeping it in control. Again execute 3 sets with 12 reps but extend the rest period to 40 seconds.

Hammer Curls

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First, try standing with your torso in the upright position with dumbbells in each hand holding at arm’s length. Here, the elbows are close to the torso. Next, the palms of the hands are facing your torso which will mark the beginning of the starting position. Third, with a stationary upper arm, exhale and curl the weight forward while limiting the biceps. Fourthly, until the dumbbell is at shoulder level and the biceps contracts, you can continue to raise the weight. Lastly, the contract position can be stationary while squeezing the biceps.


Face Pulls

Shoulder exercises

For serious shoulder training use face pulls. Have a set of TRX cables ready with a rope attachment and hang them at eye level. Take a few steps back from the machine and grab the ends of the rope. Apply pressure and pull the rope towards your face but ensure you pull it parallel to the ground. Your elbows should spread out, and the rope meets your face but all in a controlled motion. Rest for few seconds then reach to the initial position and repeat.

Standing Front Shrugs

Shoulder exercises

In order to have noticeable shoulders, incorporate this exercise in your training. Stand and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. With a neutral grip hold the barbell in front of you. The key to correctly perform this workout is not rolling your shoulders forwards or backwards. Shrug your shoulders straight up and slowly raise your arms up ensuring it holds straight. Try to bring your shoulders as near to your ear as possible. Now slowly lower down the weight and repeat the suitable number of sets. Usually, do about 4 sets with 8-12 reps in it.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

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Put your hand and chest up with dumbbells in each hand, along with slightly bent knees, and a flat back. Bend your knees till your body lies parallel to the floor. With your elbows in a little bent position, let the dumbbells hang right beneath you. With full force, raise the dumbbells’ first upwards and then to the side in an arc position. Continue doing this till your upper arms are parallel with the floor. Pause at the top position in order to squeeze and slowly lower the dumbbells and repeat.

Push Press

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In order to position yourself, take the barbell from floor level and clean it up to your shoulders or pick it up off a squat rack. Then, with the elbows and palms pointed upwards, you can hold the bar with an overhand grip and rest the bar on top of your chest. Next lower your hips from a standing position and bend the knees into the position of a quarter squat. Now you can recoil to drive in an upward position while extending your arms and lifting the overhead bar to a full elbow extension. While holding the bar for a brief time, slowly lower it back to the resting position on the upper chest area. Then, you can repeat the next rep.

To get those dreamy full shoulders it takes hard work and dedication. The full shoulder workout comes with strict discipline and perseverance and is a great way to enhance your upper body, and it can be an overall boost to the body. Moreover it tells you about your physical fitness and greater hand-grip strength. So include these supersets in your shoulder workout exercises days.

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