Exercises To Get a Six Pack And Shred Belly Fat

Six Pack Training six pack abs exerciseIt has often been said that to get the perfect six-pack abs requires a vast amount of mental strength and dedication not just during training sessions at the local gym or at home, but also by maintaining a healthy and proper diet. Before you consider reading any further you should be fully aware that successful six pack abs workout training without having a suitable diet plan is virtually impossible especially when trying to achieve your six pack. Like we said before a six pack abs exercise workout take lots of dedication

Training to Get Six Pack Abs

Now that we've established this critical point we'll not look at just how are you going to change your eating habits to maintain a proper diet. As a customary rule most experienced trainers will provide a specific guide for their recruits to follow to jumpstart their dietary changes and boost the rate of metabolism.

One such plan would include:

  • Avoiding all forms of processed and refined foods
  • Change your eating times and volume by reducing the amount of food normally consumed per meal eating six small meals per day rather than three large servings.
  • Always include some form of protein nutrient as your base food for each meal.
  • In-between meals should include healthy snacks such as olives, a small serving of snap peas, an avocado, or a bag of nuts.
  • Your breakfast and second meal of the day should consist of starchy carbs including wheat bread, oatmeal, rye and an apple or a piece of fruit.
  • Lunch should include parboiled rice, a sweet potato, and possibly some quinoa.
  • For your supper, always ensure you include some vegetables and starch with your meal.

Go back to the basics

You'll complete this six pack abs workout training by performing three to four sets of six basic exercises for a specified number of reps three to four times per week for a total daily workout time of forty-five to sixty minutes.
As a customary rule, begin your workout with a warmup activity of ten to fifteen minutes of a cardio exercise such as running or walking.

Weight Exercises for Abs

After your warmup the first exercise you're going to start with will be the overhead bench squat. This is generally a suitable exercise to begin the workout with as it has been known to achieve a high metabolic output. How to perform the overhead bench squat:

  • In this exercise begin by standing in an upright position standing in front of the bench holding a weighted barbell above the head.
  • Maintaining the bar alined with your body lower yourself to a seated position on the bench, head upward and chest high.
  • Elevate yourself to the upright starting position.
  • Complete the overhead bench squat in three to four sets of fifteen to twenty reps.

Take a thirty second rest period

Knee Prone Exercise

Next you're going to perform the prone knee to opposite elbow exercise. Widely used by many athletes as an extra exercise similar to the plank to train their midsection. The prone to knee opposite elbow exercise however provides an added benefit of an internal hip rotation to target the obliques and stimulate the hip flexors.

How to perform the Prone knee to opposite elbow:

  • While performing the traditional push-up rotate your left knee below your body to touch your right elbow. (Don't worry if you're not able to actually touch your elbow, not many people can).
  • Throughout the exercise keep your hips lowered and foot off the ground.
  • Repeat with your right foot.
  • Perform the Prone knee to opposite elbow in three sets of ten to fifteen reps for each leg.

Rest for another thirty seconds, you've earned it.

Prone knee to outside same elbow exercise.

Quite similar to the Prone knee to opposite elbow exercise you'll begin in a typical push-up position, however in this exercise you'll be trying to touch your left elbow with your left knee while observing the same technique as before.

Complete the exercise in three to four sets of ten to fifteen reps and then take another thirty second break.

Push Up Circuit

Your fourth exercise for the six-pack training workout will be the push-up. This exercise needs no introduction and should be performed in three to four sets, each consisting of ten to fifteen reps.
Rest for thirty seconds.

Immediately following your thirty second rest period begin with the swiss ball hamstring curls.

How to perform the Swiss ball hamstring curls:

  • Start the exercise by laying on your back legs fully extended and positioning the swiss ball beneath your heels. At this point your hips should be elevated off the floor.
  • Now curl your heels towards your buttocks keeping your feet on the ball.
  • Extend your legs outward to the starting position and repeat the motion.
  • Perform the exercise in three to four sets of ten to fifteen reps.

Rest for thirty seconds

Split Overhead Press

The final exercise for this workout will be the split overhead press using a pair of weighted dumbbells.

How to perform the split overhead press:

  • By holding a dumbbell on each shoulder place yourself in a lunge position.
  • Moving the backward knee towards the floor press the weights in an upward motion above the head.
  • Lower the dumbbells towards the shoulders.

Perform the six pack abs exercise workout in three to four sets of ten to fifteen reps and complete the workout with a thirty-second rest period and don't forget to cool down with a short cardio activity. Hope you enjoy this six pack abs exercise workout

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