Speed and Power Strength Exercises Tools

Speed and Power Development Tools

Many athletes work hard to develop explosive speed and power with a mixture of exercises and the use of speed and power equipment.

When exercising for speed and power, you must work to become as strong as possible. However, strength does not necessarily equal speed. Pure power is a mixture of strength and athleticism, which when blended optimally will help you obtain your goal of developing both your speed and your power.

While working towards developing your strength and power, you also need to train in athletic movements such as running and jumping. This, along with your strength training should become part of your regular workout.

No amount of speed and power training will work well unless you also work towards obtaining optimal body mass. Generally, the fatter you are, the slower you will be. Whereas the stronger and faster you are in relation to your body mass, the faster your body will move. Make sure that you eat a healthy, regular diet to obtain the optimal body mass.

There are many different types of speed and power equipment that you can use to help you meet your goals. Some of the best includes:

• Weighted sleds

These are sleds that connect to you via a harness. When you run, you pull the weighted sled behind you to build your strength, speed, and endurance. Weighted sleds are available in a variety of designs, and some allow you to add more weight as your strength and power increase.

• Parachutes

Parachutes, or power chutes provide a mixture of over speed and resistance training. This helps to increase speed, strength, stride length, and stride frequency. You wear a comfortable belt, typically made from Velcro that is attached to the parachute. As you run, the chute opens for resistance.

• Body weights

There are many different types of body weights available. From small weights worn around the ankles, to full weighted vests. Body weights can be worn while you perform any type of exercise or activity and will increase both strength and durability.

• Agility ladders

Agility ladders are ideal for improving balance, coordination, agility, and speed. These ladders are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any work out area and routine. Wear some body weights while using an agility ladder to include some strength training to your workout.

• Power Sprinter

A speed training device that also offers arm and leg resistance. The power sprinter can be used alone, or with a partner for both forward and backward running. With this type of speed training, you wear resistance cables on your arms and legs. The other end of the resistance cables can be held by a partner, or can be attached to a static object to provide optimal resistance.

As you can see, there are many ways to increase speed and power speed and power equipment, and by altering your work out a little to incorporate as many speed and power building exercises as possible.

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