Spinning Class - A New Spin on Working Out

Spinning Class - A New Spin on Working OutYou have probably seen the room full of stationary bikes at the gym with spinning class in full swing and been tempted to join. Even if you don’t have much experience with stationary bikes you should definitely consider mixing up your workout with spinning.

Spinning class can be fun if you are up to it

Spinning class is an intense cardio workout using stationary cycles during which you can increase and decrease the tension just like a real bike. The big benefit is you don’t have to worry about your pace being too fast or too slow or being outdoors competing with cars for the road.

Spinning works your leg muscles, abs, and arms.

Spinning class has become very popular as gym goers focus on heart heath and different cardio exercises than traditional running or jogging. Considered an anaerobic exercise spinning uses energy from your caloric reserves and helps build muscle endurance as you repeat the exercise. You can also expect to burn about 500 – 600+ calories in a 45 minute class depending on the intensity of your workout.

you can have a lots of fun with the music pumping and your instructor pushing you to do more

You might be wondering exactly how does a spinning class work? How much fun can it be to sit and ride a bike along with a class room full of people. Well you will be in for quite a surprise.

Spinning class also get your blood pumping

Spinning classes are lead by an instructor that will lead you up and down "hills" tell you when to sprint and when to fall back. It might not seem too crazy but pedaling uphill at high resistance and full effort will definitely get your heart thumping and your chest begging for oxygen.

Worried about your backside getting sore?

The professionals recommend that if you experience soreness jump right back on the bike and adjust your placement. You may have some discomfort at first however with practice it will go away. If the discomfort persists you can always bring a padded seat for extra cushion.

You also burn calories and you don't have to run

Aside from the fact that you will burn lots of calories spinning is a low impact exercise and will reduce pressure on your knees and feet like other cardio exercises. So if the treadmill and elliptical have you feeling worn out try spinning you’ll be glad you did.

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