The Best Spring Boot Camp Circuit Workout Conditioning

Spring Boot Camp Workout – ConditioningThe US armed forces know a thing or two about transforming everyday citizens in to lean, mean fighting machines. Now thanks to you don’t have to enroll with the military to try your hand at Boot Camp. Check out our Spring Boot Camp series where we will walk you through how to start your own boot camp and whip yourself into shape with circuit workout conditioning.

The base to any fitness plan is cardiovascular conditioning. We are going to turn your training up a notch with circuit workout conditioning.

Spring Boot Camp Part 1 – Circuit Workout Conditioning

Every great fitness routine needs a good spring cleaning to keep you on the road to your fitness goals. Change up your regular workout with circuit workout conditioning and have some fun while getting out of your usual routine. It will work wonders for your body and mind. So let’s get started with a good warm up to get your muscles pumping and ready.

Dynamic Warm Up Routine

Start with a 10 minute jog warm up. Then on to your dynamic warm ups. Complete 20 yards per exercise: high knees, butt kicks, sideways shuffle left, sideway shuffle right, high skips, backwards jog

Sprinting Intervals Up and backs

Find a large area like a track or park to complete this circuit workout conditioning session. To start, sprint 50 yards down and back. Then repeat going down and back for a total of 300 yards. Take a two minute break in between and repeat 5 times.

Stadium Stairs

One of the best and most intense circuit workout conditioning is found at your local stadium – the stairs. Run up the stadium stairs and jog down 5 times, then rest 5 minutes and repeat. If you don’t have access to a stadium or long set of stairs you can use a shorter staircase, just increase the reps and reduce the rest time.

1 mile jog cool down

Stretch, abs/ sit-ups

Once you have made it through your circuit workout conditioning, great job. You’re off to a good start, but stay tuned if you can take it!

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