Strongman Workout Exercises Plan

Three Strongman Workout Exercises that can Get You Working Out like a ChampionA strongman workout is all about demanding full body movements that lift incredibly heavy objects and if done right can turn even the puniest man into a strongman champion with dramatic improvements in overall body strength. Of course strongman competitions are for the professionals and can be a bit dangerous for the untrained, but with these 3 strongman workout exercises modified from lifts done at competitions worldwide the possibility of gaining impressive strength is finally a reality for the everyday man.

Check out these 3 strongman exercise.

Exercise #1:

The Stack Plate Row (Mimics the Atlas Stones)
For the everyday man finding a perfectly spherical boulder that is heavy enough isn’t much of a possibility, so instead take several 45 pound plates from the gym and stack them on top of a lighter plate in a way as to be able to reach under the weights to lift them. Then stand over the plates straddling them and bend the knees slightly, lifting the plates up to the chest and then lowering them back down onto the lighter plate. Repeat this strongman workout for 4 to 5 reps with six lifts each rep.

Exercise #2:

The Barbell Hold (Mimics the Grip Events)
This strongman workout is all about using precise holds and grip strength to raise and lower a heavy barbell. To recreate the weight of a barbell found in strongman competitions combine two barbells to get 50 lbs weights. Position the body to stand half a foot away from the barbells, bending the knees, grip the barbells tightly and raise the barbells up to chest level as the knees and back straighten out. Hold the barbells for a count of 30 and then slowly lower the barbells back to the floor with the knees bent. Repeat this workout for 5 to 6 reps with six lifts each rep.

Exercise #3:

Lateral Dumbbell Raise (Mimics the Crucifix)
As a strongman workout the Crucifix requires a great deal of upper body strength in the shoulder and arms. Recreating the movements of the Crucifix is fairly easy in a gym, the only thing needed is two medium weight dumbbells (say 20-30 lbs). Stand straight with feet a shoulder’s width apart; bending knees grip the dumbbells in each hand and raise them laterally slowly up to shoulder height. Hold the dumbbells at shoulder height for 30 seconds and then lower them back to the floor. Repeat this strongman workout for 6 reps with six lifts each rep.

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