Best Balance and Agility Training Exercises

Trainer Tips for Better Balance and AgilityWe can all benefit from improving our balance and agility; not only does it help athletes on the field, track or in the gym but it can improve your day to day life also. Your agility is the ability in which you change directions of your body in effective and efficient manners, this requires a combination of balance, speed, strength and co-ordination.

As the body works in synergy, in order to fully achieve your best possible levels of agility each of these aspects must be addressed. If you exercise often, you will surely know how nimble and dexterous are but this can always be improved at any level of fitness.

Focus on core strength

Your core muscles withhold your center of gravity and is responsible for keeping all of your movements strong and steady. Your core is the strong link between your upper and lower body and you should pay due care to training this area sufficiently. Your core provides stability, strength and balance.

Try some plyometric exercises

Plyometric exercises are based on explosive power, which in turn improves your reaction time and improves speed, strength and co-ordination. A great example of this is the lateral plyometric jump that will create a new challenge for your mind/ muscle stimulus. The explosive power exerted in plyometric exercises will keep your mind alert also.

Shuttle runs

This is an old school agility and speed drill where you run back and forth between two points. It is also a great exercise for atheletes who play sports like football, tennis or basketball. Practicing this can improve your acceleration and focus.

Yoga stretching or Pilates

Many men may scoff at this, deeming it not ‘hard-core’ enough for their workout regime. However, yoga and Pilates are VERY effective ways to improve your flexibility, posture, balance and joint health. All of which are vital for good agility.

Cable exercises and resistance bands

Doing exercises and resistance training this way can keep your muscles under constant tension, allowing less room to ‘cheat’. Cables and bands are also very effective ways to rehab and prevent injuries.

Improving your balance and agility is the foundation for most successful sportsmen and athletes, so don’t under estimate the importance and try out a few of these tips for yourself!

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