Treadmill Workout For Weight Loss HIIT

Treadmill Workout To Burn Fat High Intensity Interval TrainingYou are probably very aware of the good publicity that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been getting lately. It has changed the way many people exercise on a regular basis now because of the undeniable proof that it works which has now been universally accepted. What you might not know is you can incorporate this training in your treadmill workout.

High Intensity Interval Training treadmill workout

This universal acceptance started with lifting weights a different way in order to start getting or improving the fat-loss benefits that one can get from working with weights. But it has now been well established that the fat-loss benefits that you can get from HIIT training is just as valid.

There are quite a few variations on what one can do but if you are unable to run in the open because of dark and cold winters or you prefer the quick and safe training at a gym then you should try the treadmill workout that will guarantee a fat-loss result.

Without getting into the complexities of exactly why it works so well you will be burning more than double the amount of calories that you normally would burn for up to 72 hours after your workout if you do this type of HIIT training. There are a few different variations but here is one method that has proven itself.

Treadmill Sprint Intervals

Sprint workouts are simple but extremely effective in fat-loss because science has shown that simple exercises can have the best impact. Ensure that each interval is challenging and makes you push yourself, then for the rest periods make sure you time yourself to recover and lower your heart rate but not take too long between sets.

Don't forget to warm up

Always start each treadmill workout with a 10 minute warm up of a brisk walk or slow jog. This will get your heart rate going and your muscles ready to perform. Forgetting to do your warm up can leave you vulnerable to injury and muscle fatigue. On a treadmill first start with your warm-up either by walking or jogging for 5-10 minutes. You then start by doing 8 separate intervals at a fast run for 1 minute followed by 2 mintues of rest.

Keep a good balance

As you progress through your intervals you can start to increase your fast run time or increase your speed during the interval. However start slowly and don't change more than one factor at a time.

If you increase your speed keep to the same time or if you increase your time make sure to keep the same pace. Once you have successfully completed moving up with one factor and your body makes the adjustment you can follow by making another adjustment.

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