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How to Treat Shin Splints Diagnosis And Treatment

How to Treat Shin SplintsIf you’re a fitness enthusiast then it’s quite possible you’ve heard the term “shin splints” before or even encountered them yourself. They definitely aren’t fun but there is ways to avoid them and if you’ve already got them then you’ll learn some ways to treat shin splints and heal up fast.

Top tips to effectively treat shin splints

How Do You get them?

Any high impact training or excessive running can cause shin splints. Over time little breaks in the bones initially become shin splints and if left unchecked over time might turn into full fledged fractures. Another way is from swollen muscles being over trained continuously without adequate rest days. These two reasons are the main causes for getting shin splints and often is self induced due to poor diets (lack of proper vitamins & minerals to support strong bones), little to no stretching (leaving you prone to injury) and other causes.

So if you already have Shin Splints then you’re going to want to treat them so let’s figure out what are some effective at home remedies you can do to treat it!

How to treat Shin Splints

The good thing is that in most causes you can treat yourself with shin splints as they are pretty common and heal on their own. There are a few important things you’ll want to remember though:

• Rest

If you’re trying to recovery from an injury, then continuing to run or agitate the problem isn’t a good idea so be sure to rest which means no exercise outside of stretching until you recover.

• Ice

By introducing ice into the mix we are able to reach deep into the tissue and even the bone in some causes to help heal faster. A great tip is to try doing cryokinetics which is a fancy name for stretching on ice to get even deeper into hard to reach areas.

• Static stretching

Involves slow and controlled stretching movements where you pause for X amount of time.

• NSAID/ Ibuprofen

A cheap anti inflammatory will help you in any pain you get. It’s recommended to check with your Doctor to get a higher dosage prescribed. Otherwise you can check the local drug store.

Within a few weeks of applying the above methods you should start to feel better and notice improved differences in your shin splints. If however after some time you notice no changes or the pain increases you should schedule a Doctor’s visit as more than likely an X-ray or further treatment is needed.

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