Starting Strength Program Beginner’s Guide

What is the Starting Strength ProgramThe Starting Strength Program (SS) is a book written by Mark Rippetoe and as the name implies, it’s a program to get people started in strength training. The book is highly recommended by a lot of strength coaches and all you need to do is read a few of the comments and you will see for yourself why this program is so effective.

The Starting Strength Program Explained

It has a lot of explanation about using correct form when doing the few basic compound movements that it recommends. These basic compound movements are bench-press, deadlifts and squats together with power cleans. After training this program for three months you would add chins and pull-ups as well as back extensions.

3 week training program

Below is what you would be doing for the first three weeks on the Starting Strength program using only squats, bench-press, deadlifts and power cleans. If A= squat, bench-press and deadlift and x = rest day then your first 3 weeks would look like this: AxAxAxx AxAxBxx AxAxAxx

What are the pro’s of this program

Starting strength workout is an extremely simple workout that would make it easy for someone who was starting out to get results using a slow and steady progressive resistance and always using correct form. The workouts progress to over a year so that you can constantly be challenging yourself with new and intense workouts that get results.

This is another great program for beginners starting strength workout who also want some advice on the basic principals of gaining strength. The program also comes with nutritional advice which is something very basic that any beginner would be able to understand and implement for the first time.

What are the cons?

The cons to this program are without a doubt the completely exaggerated claims that the advertisers make about how much muscle you will gain using this. They blatantly tell you that you will definitely be able to gain 31lbs of lean body mass in only 11 weeks which is obviously is very far fetched.

However if you are looking for a fast and effective way to increase your strength using the basic compound movements that have proven themselves over the years then this program is for you. It is best to stick with this for a few months to see if it works as expected.

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