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The Best Knee Pads for CrossFit and Weightlifting

What Makes the Best Knee Pads for CrossFit and Weightlifting

When practicing CrossFit or weightlifting, most of the time the weight that rises falls on our poor knees. There are moments of maximum effort in which when we do not have adequate protection it is very likely that in the long run, we are prone to suffer some injury while executing our routines. Of course, a refined technique and good footwear for CrossFit help us greatly to protect our joints. But nothing can beat having a pair of the best hinged braces for stability in some scenarios! knee pad

To avoid problems and accidents, many athletes choose to use knee pads when practicing this discipline. Well in this way we will guarantee our lower part of the body the safety it deserves. If you practice this sport, you have probably noticed that many of your training partners use this accessory, but what is it for?

Stability and Protection

Crossfit knee pads are mainly used to give extra support to the knees and as such protect the joints from future injuries. They work by providing heat and compression to the knees. The compression increases blood flow and knees response in a more regular working routine that creates a healthier condition for your legs in total. 

This helps us to perform more controlled and stable movements in addition to keeping the joints warm during our workouts and WODs. By using them you will have a good post-workout recovery and you will be able to do your routines at a higher level of performance.

Wait wait … can I really increase my RX by the use of knee pads? The answer is a resounding yes. Although they are not an accessory that everyone likes, and it does not have to be essential, they are certainly a great help. By maintaining the articulation guided during the entire bending process, they alter the natural movement of the knees in addition to offering extra support. This driving effect makes our movement at all times go “by its rails” and allows us to carry with exercising more safely.

It is important to know that this accessory should not be used automatically when starting to practice CrossFit or weightlifting. Its prolonged use can cause the muscles and articulations of the knee unable to get supported quite well. This mistake is something that the experts in the subject warn because when using them regularly, the natural process of strengthening of the knee can be reduced. In summary, they are a great item to optimize our movements and ensure our physique, but we must know how to manage their use.

Knee Braces According to Their Thickness

We can find different thicknesses of knee pads, all designed for different use scenarios. The most typical thicknesses are 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm. 

The 3 mm thick knee pads provide ideal support for high agility or resistance training. On the other hand, those of 5 mm thickness benefit the athlete in a varied training where agility and support are required. Finally, the 7 mm thick CrossFit knee pads offer a powerful stabilization for heavy lifting and additional support during rehabilitation processes. The latter is the most used in addition to CrossFit as well as weightlifting.

3mm Kneepads

The 3mm thick ones benefit us in resistance training, especially when you need to cover a lot of sprints or miles. A lighter option, and ideal for resistance WODs when you want to go light and with good mobility. They are a great ally for these exercises, especially when the fatigue begins to bloom and we begin to “limp”. They allow us to continue at a good level until the end of the WOD.

5mm Kneepads

The following thickness of knee pads, those of 5mm, is better for varied workouts where agility and support are required. In this sense, they are the most versatile and we could take them for all kinds of training without bothering us. They are often the favorites of CrossFit athletes. Knee pads can be used for all kinds of other activities that require stability.

7mm Kneepads

This type of CrossFit knee brace offers powerful stabilization for heavy lifting and additional support during rehabilitation. Historically, 7mm thick kneepads have been mostly used by powerlifters who need additional support during heavy lifting. The main benefit of these is to ensure that the movements follow their course is carried out with greater precision and security.

Types of Knee Braces for Crossfit and Weightlifting According to Their Materials

In the sports market, there are endless options to choose for ideal CrossFit and weightlifting knee pads. But, they will always vary depending on the material they are made with. Let’s have a look at the main types of knee pads that you can use for CrossFit and weightlifting.

Cloth knee pads

One of the main advantages of these CrossFit kneepads is that it gives the athlete a low level of compression and provides heat to the knees. These accessories are special for those athletes who are recovering from an injury or have one that is not serious.

Synthetic Rubber/Neoprene knee pads

As the name implies, these kneepads are made of neoprene material. They have a medium compression level and gives the knee area heat. Thanks to these conditions, knee pads for CrossFit of this type are ideal to avoid suffering any injury.

Tape knee pads

These CrossFit kneepads are characterized by having an extreme level of compression, they are ideal for powerlifting competitions. Experts recommend that they are used when there is enough experience in extreme weight surveys. For many athletes in this discipline, the perfect knee pads when training are made out of neoprene because it provides all the security to the joint and prevents future injuries.
In Conclusion:

A sure choice for steady and carefree weightlifting is 7mm thick braces. However, even the 3mm and 5mm models are suitable for the most athletes especially those who do not intend to lift heavy weights but rely more on agility and mobility in their exercises. 

Before you choose your new set of kneepads or knee braces it would be wise to consult and especially if you feel pain or any kind of unpleasant feeling once you try to put on some model that you thought was perfect.

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