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How To tone Muscle With Weights

Workouts to Build Lean Muscle ToneMost exercise programs are traditionally geared towards getting the most out of every workout move to build lean muscular tone and strength. Training workouts which are aimed at building lean muscle tone have been widely used by many fitness trainers in the industry to stimulate an increase in the metabolism rate of the body to achieve that slender, lean and muscular physique.

Top Tips to Build Lean Muscle

However one of the greatest misconceptions in the fitness industry has been the constant debate of the true meaning of what it really means to have a lean muscle tone look. Many enthusiasts today still think of the “toned” physique as having a thin and leaned look, well defined muscles or improved sex appeal in the bedroom. While all three are of these definitions are somewhat correct to a certain degree, they can often lead to a misuse and uncharacteristic association of the term respective to the bodybuilder.

Healthy Ways to Shed Fat

Building a muscular tone actually bears reference to the type of training aimed at increasing muscle mass of the individual by firstly shedding those layers of unwanted body fat to achieve a healthy physique. In effect a proper workout designed at toning the body should theoretically include an adequate combination of strength training exercises and cardiovascular training activities such as swimming, running and cycling to build lean muscular mass, promote fat loss and increase metabolism prior to build muscle tone development.

Training to get a toned body will often require the building of muscular mass and the loss of weight. An impractical workout consisting of an extremely high volume of cardio activity for example is not the answer. This type of workout will undoubtedly result in the individual achieving a skinny, fragile and under fed appearance throughout the lack of muscle development.

Add other types of training into your routine

As a result a proper workout targeting the building of muscular tone will include by mandate a number of strength and resistance-training exercises to develop the desired muscular tone to create a well defined shape of the individual while maintaining a proper diet. In addition to weight-lifting many bodybuilders have found that by including training exercises such as yoga and Cross-Fit into their workout has vastly improved the rate of their muscular body tone and health.

Resistance Weight Training

It is a known fact within the fitness industry that resistance weight-training when adequately performed is a guaranteed method to building and toning those targeted muscle groups. Knowing the correct technique and relative times to execute training are vital factors to guaranteeing a successful workout to maximize results and minimize any possibility of injury generally associated with overtraining.

In fact an effectively scheduled workout should be limited to training on alternating days three times each week allowing the body a sufficient amount of time to recover and recuperate. Individuals when training should never exceed their weight limits as occasionally this tendency has resulted in the use of an improper technique leading to undesirable results and injury.

Lean Muscle Workout

A basic workout to promote lean muscle tone will include the incline dumbbell press and the squat conventional squat. The incline dumbbell press has been widely used in the workout routine by adding a level of variety to the normal exercise routine breaking away from the traditional bench press movement to somewhat shake things up by keeping the muscles guessing.

Incline Dumbbell Press

  1. The incline dumbbell press begins with the individual assuming a seated position on the bench resting the dumbbells on the lower thighs.
  2. The weights are then lifted towards the shoulders while leaning backwards on the bench.
  3. Keeping the weights at shoulder-width palms facing outwards the dumbbells are pushed in an upward direction using the pectoral muscles exhaling during the push.
  4. This position is held for a single count before gradually lowering the dumbbells to the starting position.

Bodyweight Squats

Squats when performed recognizing the correct form are known for more than just targeting the muscles within the lower body but also for creating an anabolic environment stimulating muscular development throughout a range of muscle groups within the entire body.

  1. Traditionally the squat performed with or without the assistance of any weights begins with the individual standing in an upright position feet slightly more than shoulder width.
  2. Ensuring the back is kept in a neutral position knees centered over both feet while exhaling the body gradually lowered by bedding the knees until the legs are at a ninety degree angle to the floor before returning to the starting position.

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