Yoga Benefit to Complement your Training Program

Yoga to Complement any Training ProgramYoga is a popular past time for people and it has been implemented into athletes workout regimes to great effect. Many people are dubious of the effectiveness; deeming it as a thing only suitable for woman BUT there are many male professional athletes who vouch for the benefits.

Most people don't know that yoga benefits so many different aspects of the body.

The most obvious is to increase flexibility within the joints and muscles. Whether you are currently rehabilitating an injury, preparing for a competition or looking to be chosen for the next squad, increasing the mobility in your joints will increase range of motion. It will also improve overall performance as you can reach further, take falls with less risk of damage and reduce risk of injuries.

Contact sports and yoga

Muscle memory comes into play with yoga and your muscles will remember the deep stretches you practise through it then incorporate them into all other exercise that you do. With sports becoming more competitive as humanity progresses, we are seeing more athletes have injuries. The problem is that many of these athletes focus on strength and muscle building exercises, which improves power but lessens flexibility. By incorporating yoga into strength training and muscle building, one can significantly decrease the risk of injury.

Yoga improves balance and poise

Any male who does yoga will improve their balance and agility too, yoga improves one's awareness and centre of gravity. Meaning one can be less prone to falling and will increase spatial awareness in the process.

Improving through the respiratory system

Yoga focuses heavily on deep breathing whilst stretching, so you will learn how to control your diaphragm in the process and enable a deeper stretch. Deep breathing also circulates lymph fluid in the body to increase detoxification by up to 15%! Combining this with a nutritionally balanced diet will boost the immune system, improving your overall health.

So in future, believe those when they tell you that yoga is not just for women and give it a try yourself. It will help you in many areas of your life for now and well into the future.

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