Eyebrows A Guide for Grooming Yours

A Guide for Grooming Your Eyebrows
Eyebrows grooming tips for men. So you want to clean up your eyebrows but don’t want to be left looking like Liberace? Well you’ve come to the right guide for grooming your eyebrows. Take a look at our steps before you even consider putting tweezers to skin to remove your eyebrow hair.

Top Eyebrow grooming tips for men

Quality Tweezers

First buy a good pair of tweezers. The last thing you should be doing is using a rusty pair of tweezers to eliminate the hair in between your eyebrows. Take time to shop for the best pair that will fit in your hands and won’t slip while you’re tweezing.

Know your brow shape

Next you need to figure out what kind of shape you are going for. No one says that your eyebrows have to fine and thin. In fact, it would be weird if men started walking around with eyebrows so thin they have to have eyebrow pencils to fill them in. If you are looking for trimmed and not shaped then it may be as simple as tweezing just a few hairs. But if you would like a more professional look you require a few more steps.

Use a pencil to see the lines between the ball of your nose that line up between your eyebrows. That space in between the creases of the nose line up with your eyebrows should be hairless. If you go in any farther than this you risk looking feminine and we know no guy wants that.

What is the best eyebrow grooming method for you?

Often when men think they need to tweeze or wax their (which is a whole other world of no) they forget that it could be trimming that they really need. When your hair starts getting bushy you know it’s time for a trim. A good habit to get into is trimming your eyebrows once every 3 to 4 weeks. This will help keep them looking groomed and polished without being overly feminine. If your eyebrows don’t like to stay in place consider a little bit of hairspray to keep them where you like.

Don’t worry about yours's if they are full with hair, men are by nature hairy and unless you are walking around with a ridiculous unibrow chances are no one will look at you any different. So keep your brows trimmed and polished with just a few simple steps and you will be looking good in no time!

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