Biggest Grooming Blunders Men Makes

Biggest Grooming BlundersBeing a well groomed man does take some time and effort and men some time makes biggest grooming blunders. It would be great to just roll out of bed and throw on clothes then walk out the door every morning however rushing out the door can lead to some serious grooming blunders. Adding insult to injury you may not even know you are committing these blunders because most perfect strangers won’t share the uncomfortable news that you have odors or look sloppy but they will notice and whisper. So don’t set yourself up to commit any of these grooming blunders.

Biggest grooming blunders by men

Body Odor

Let’s face it we have all been stuck next to someone that smells less than fresh. Walking around with body odor leaves a terrible first impression and it makes people want to distance themselves from you. Not the best way to meet a new love interest or business contact. Make sure you shower daily and apply deodorant. If you sweat heavily keep an extra stick of deodorant in the car or your office desk to reapply during the day.

Bad Breath

Whether you had a little too much to drink the night before or you drink really strong coffee bad breath can be a really uncomfortable and embarrassing. Brushing your teeth, gums and tongue twice a day is a good way to keep your breath fresh. If you eat or drink something that leaves a bad taste in your mouth keep some gum or mints handy to freshen up.

Bad Teeth

Not taking care of your teeth can be a huge turn off. Chipped, broken or yellow teeth can drastically alter your appearance for the worst. Get regular cleanings every six months and repair any damaged teeth.


Having a shoulder full of flakes is embarrassing and hard for even a good friend to clue you in on. If you suffer from dry scalp wash with a dandruff shampoo and keep a lint roller around to clear off any shedding.

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