Facial Hair Grooming Tips For Every Man

Facial Hair Grooming TipsLet’s face it the clean cut shaved look isn’t for all men. One it’s time consuming and two based on your personal style it may be more conservative than you are looking for. If you are going to brave one of these facial hair styles there are a few crucial facial hair grooming tips that all men should adhere to.

Top Tips for Facial Hair Grooming


Ever since you were 13 you probably wanted to grow some facial hair. If you can grow a full beard trimming and shaping are very important. Keep a low profile beard requires beard trimmers that you can pick up and any drugs store. It is also very important to trim well around your lips and be conscious when eating for any remaining food particles.


The mustache has definitely decreased in popularity among young men however if this is your facial hair of choice keep it short and trimmed and not too thick or thin. When trimming follow the arch of your top lip to ensure a clean line.

Side Burns

Styling sideburns can be more difficult than other facial hair. You want to make sure that the transition from the hair on your head down to the side of your face have a gradual fade. You don’t want to look like you just missed a spot shaving and oversized “chops” are very over powering. If you want to rock that look it is best suited for men with a more prominent square shaped jaw.


The goatee is a good happy medium for men who want to try some facial hair but don’t have the patience for a full beard. For the initial shaping you may want to go to a barber to ensure you line up both sides evenly. You will also need to maintain your shaving routine for the rest of your face to keep that neat and tidy.

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