Stray Hair Grooming Guide for Men

Stray Hair Grooming Guide for MenStray hair grooming guide for men, One huge grooming pet peeve of men all over the world are random stray hair protruding from their ears, nose and other unwanted areas usually starting after their 30th birthday. Depending on how hairy you are they may be sparser than others however they only multiply as you age.

Stray hair grooming guide for men

Some say this is the body’s way of balancing itself out since your hair starts to thin out on your head. Theoretically it could just be growing back somewhere else. No matter how it gets there you either need to accept the fact that you have these extra hairs or get trimming. If you’re worried about the hair growing back faster if you remove it don’t be. That is just a myth. Once you cut or trim hair it will only grow back at the same rate as how it got there in the first place so remove those unwanted strands without worry.

Many men tend to ignore or overlook some of these grooming areas but if you’ve never taken a look inside your ears or checked your lobes, you are probably in for a rude awakening. The last thing you want is to be out on a first date and known as the guy with the weed-whack-able ears. So here are a few stray hair grooming methods to get you cleaned up fast.


This may be time consuming but it is the most reliable and will give you the longest time between growing back since you remove the root as you pluck. To get started well lit mirror and grab each hair with the tweezers closest to the skin. Do a quick yank, and voila, you have successfully plucked. Avoid leaving too much hair between the end of the tweezers and your skin to minimize the pulling sting as you remove each strand.


Take a pair of trimming scissors and slowly trim in each nostril and on your ear lobes until all the unwanted hair is gone. This technique may require a little more skill and you want to be particularly careful not to go to deep or to get too close to the skin.

Electric Trimmers

Many electric razors include a small nose/ ear attachment to get in those hard to reach areas. This may be the best route for any man who doesn’t have the patience to pluck or the steady hand to trim with scissors. Just move the trimmer slowly in each nostril and ear lobe for best results.

So if you want to look your best and feel confident it’s best to pay attention to details, because if you don’t she will for all the wrong reasons. Don’t be embarrassed by unsightly stray hairs with these simple grooming tips.

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