Body Hair Grooming and Removal Methods

A Man’s Guide to Body Hair Grooming and Removal MethodsBody hair is something every guy deals with whether it is a little bushiness around our packages or a forest growing on our chests. A little body hair is fine, many women find it very manly, but there comes a point when too much body hair becomes a turn off that lowers your chances on being a hit with the ladies. Take a look at this man’s guide to body hair grooming and removal methods.

Body Hair that You Should Groom Regularly

• Ears

Though this is more common in older men, ear hair creeps up on all of us as we age and can be unsightly for the female sex.

• Lower Neck & Nape

Oftentimes when men are shaving they can forget about paying attention to the less seen areas like the lower neck and nape, but many women find stray hairs in these two areas a major turn off. Make sure to include the lower neck and nape in your shaving routine every day to ensure a smooth, hair free look.

• Chest

When it comes to the chest it is more your own preference whether you want to remove all of your hair or leave a healthy bit of chest hair, but it’s important for you to trim the hair so that you aren’t taking on the appearance of a mountain man under your clothes.

• Back

Unlike many other spots on your body, back hair is never a turn on, so get busy and make sure your back is smooth and hair free.

• Pubic Hair

Most men are leery of shaving anywhere near their “boys”, but the thing to remember here is that if you want your girlfriend or wife to spend a little time down there it needs to be trimmed and manscaped so that she doesn’t get a mouth full of hair.

Hair Removal Methods

• Waxing

This form of hair removal works best for areas like your back, chest and pubic area as it can help to leave a smooth, hair free area without a lot of trouble. It is widely regarded as one of the most effective methods for hair removal because it pulls the hair from the root and it takes generally several weeks for the hair to grow back to a noticeable length again.

• Shaving

This is best for taking care of your facial hair, chest and your pubic hair. It isn’t as effective as other methods because it only cuts the hair at the surface level, leaving the roots of the hair follicle to grow back oftentimes within a few days if not a few hours if you hair is fast growing.

• Hair Removal Cream

This method is a half way point between shaving and waxing as it uses the chemicals in the cream to breakdown the hair strand just slightly below the surface, but it doesn’t get the hair anywhere near the root so it can grow back in a few days. It is effective in removing hair quickly, but if you do it wrong you can suffer mild skin burns that can be uncomfortable as they heal.

• Trimming/Electrical Shaver

This is best for nearly all areas of hair removal from the back to the pubic area and more. Just like shaving it only works to removes surface hair so the hair grows back noticeably fairly quickly, but it is great if you only want to trim back a bushy area like the chest or pubic hair.

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