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Best Wax Body Hair Guide For Men To Follow at Home

Wax Body Hair at HomeFor men, body hair is considered a mark of masculinity, but for some masculine becomes Sasquatch overnight. To keep your body groomed and acceptable it is a good idea to wax body hair yourself at home. Sounds painful and maybe a bit on the scary side, but hey if women can do it we can too, right?

How to Wax body hair at home

Waxing kit

The first thing you want to do is buy a waxing kit. If you are on the thicker side you should look for a wax specifically made for coarse hair, honey wax is often the best. Remember that your hair has to be a certain length before you can even wax it. Make sure it is at least ¼ of an inch long, but no longer than ½ inch long, if it is use a clippers to trim it down.

Cleanse Properly

Once you have your supplies gathered cleanse the surface you are waxing and wash your hands. It’s important that everything is free from bacteria and dirt before you start to wax. Be sure to completely dry your skin and hair. After that lightly dust your skin with baby powder or corn starch so the wax sticks to the hair not the skin.

Prepare your supplies

After you are completely prepped let the waxing begin. Wear a pair of gloves and use a wooden applicator to apply the wax. Use small strokes in the direction your hair grows and apply it evenly. You want complete coverage of the hair you want to remove. Leave a small spill over amount on the waxing strip so you can pull it off with enough strength to remove the hair.

Wax like a pro

To remove the strip effectively hold skin taut and in one quick motion (like removing a Band-Aid with a bit more suffering) pull the strip off the skin in the opposite direction the hair grows. After you have torn your hair from its roots press your hand to the skin to help relieve some of the pain. Repeat these steps throughout the area you wish to wax.

Tweeze and aftercare

After your efforts to wax body hair is complete use tweezers to remove any excess hair that was missed during waxing. To clean up waxy residue use baby oil and rinse with water. Sooth your skin with aloe vera or any aloe based lotion.

The pain of waxing can only be offset by the reaction you get from women when you take your shirt off. And now that it’s almost Summer time you will be glad you got rid of your bear like body mane for the ladies.

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