Body Hair: To Shave or Not to Shave

to shave or not to shave men body hairIsn’t it crazy how we spend the majority of our youth and adolescence wishing for body hair and then spend the rest of our adult lives trying to keep it under control? For most men, body hair has become as tedious of a ritual as it is for women... constantly trying to remove hair from undesirable places or keep normal body hair from taking on a beast-like appearance. Some men shave, others wax, others pay for permanent hair removal therapies such as electrolysis or lasers. so the question is to shave or not to shave men body hair. Each method has its advantages, disadvantages and ideal candidates – here’s a guide:

To shave or not to shave men body hair


Best for: light to moderate growth, stray hairs or patches of hair. Hair should be growing in places you can see/reach.
Pros: Easy, inexpensive
Cons: Doesn’t last long, causes “stubble,” not an effective solution for hard-to-reach areas like back or shoulders.


Best for: light to moderate growth, stray hairs or patches of hair such as eyebrows.
Pros: Results last up to 6 weeks. Professional technician can reach any area of the body.
Cons: Waxing pulls hairs out from the root, causing a noticeable amount of pain as it does so. Experienced technicians can minimize the pain during the procedure, and most people report pain subsiding with repeated waxings. Waxing is not suitable for extremely thick hair growth as it can pull or injure skin during removal process.


Best for: Any level of hair growth, in nearly all body locations
Pros: Results can be permanent for ideal candidates
Cons: Expensive. Does not work on graying or blonde hairs. Can be painful. Can cause permanent sensitivity, burning or scarring.

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