Blemish Treatments Every Man Should Try

Blemish Treatments for MenYou may not experience full blow acne symptoms but do get blemish treatments from time to time and may be wondering exactly what to do. Skin blemishes can be caused by multiple reasons such as stress, hormonal shifts, clogged pores or poor diet.

Blemish Treatments to keep your skin smooth and soft

Different Pimple Types

There are primarily two different types of pimples: open and closed comedones (blackheads and whiteheads.) Blackheads are caused by blockage in your pores which produces a solidified oil build up that’s why you generally find them in the creases of your nose or other spots where your skin is the tightest. White heads are caused by your follicles producing a white puss that surfaces through your pores. So what is the best blemish treatments to help combat breakouts?

Get a good daily facial cleanser

The best way to prevent breakout spots is to use a daily facial cleanser in the morning and at night before you go to bed. You must also be wary if you have sensitive skin because those very products you use to prevent breakouts may actually be the cause of them. If you notice any shifts in your faces appearance within the first few days of using and new facial product stop using it and see if that clears you up. Also take care while shaving using a dull blade or shaving the wrong direction can cause ingrown hairs that get surrounded by puss and may be as painful and look just as bad as a blemish.

Emergency Blemish Cream

If it’s too late and you already have a big volcano on your chin right before a big date try using a blemish spot treatment like Clearasil’s adult treatment cream with a slight tint to help cover up the redness. Don’t be tempted to squeeze the life out of it till it bleeds this will only make the spot more red and possibly leave scarring.

Popping a whitehead pimple

If you have a huge white head and can’t resist popping it make sure the puss has completely risen to the surface. If you press both fingers on either side with the same amount of pressure that you would dial a phone with and it doesn’t budge it’s not ready.

Home Remedies

There are some great home remedies out there as well such as dropping a small amount of oil of oregano on the blemish spot or covering it with a small dab of toothpaste right before you go to bed. These two remedies will help dry out the blemish and help reduce swelling. If over the counter or natural remedies won’t help subside your blemishes talk to a dermatologist they can prescribe you a prescription strength cream or oral tablet.

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