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Classic Shaving Products Your Granddad Used

Classic Shaving Products Your Granddad Used Back in the DayIn years past the act of shaving along with other grooming routines was a hallmark of a gentleman with classic shaving products. A clean shaven face showed a distinction of class and debonair appearance that was the staple of well to do men who take pride in the appearance they presented to the world.

Classic Shaving Products that are still relevant today

Today shaving has become a daily routine that take little effort and that gets little focus beyond the efficiency of removing facial hair and that is a true shame. Take a look at these classic shaving products that your granddad used back in the day that took the art of grooming one’s face to the level of style that is rarely seen today.

DIY Shaving Foam

Before the mass availability of shaving foams and gels that come in the can, men went about creating their own shaving foam to get that close shave without damaging their skin. Men would combine hard soaps or powdered soaps with water inside of a shaving bowl to create the foam that would protect their face while they shaved. Today most men use readily available canister shaving creams or foams, but you can still find DIY shaving foams such as the Geo F. Trumper Limes Hard Shaving Soap that comes with a traditional wooden shaving bowl to mix up a small batch of shaving foam for a close, smooth shave.

Shaving Brush

A shaving brush back in the day was the other part of the process of create a thick, foamy shaving cream that spread evenly over the face to help protect the skin as a man shaved. Traditionally the brushes had wooden handles with inch long medium straight bristles that would help to lift the hairs off the face so that the blade could reach the lowest point of the surface hair for a close shave. Today shaving brushes can be found in a variety of styles and materials, but the traditional look is still very popular such as with the Badger Shaving Brush that allows an evenly distributed application of the shaving foam to the face.

The Straight Razor

Today razors come with safety blades attached so that the risk of cutting yourself is much less, but back in the day men used straight razors although they were more dangerous provided a much closer shave than razors today. These straight razors can oftentimes been seen in men’s barbershops where the art of shaving is still considered a gentleman’s grooming routine, with products like the Razor MD R16 Straight Razor.

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