Thick Wavy Hair: How To Cut And Style it

Cutting and Styling Thick Wavy HairMany become frustrated with the genetics that they’ve had passed down the family line. One common frustration can be thick wavy hair. Men with wavy hair get discourage styling or grooming their hair because it soon evolves into a frizzy mess. Along with this maintenance, men just go ahead and get the clippers out and end up chopping it all off. Cutting and styling thick wavy hair

Tips on cutting and styling thick wavy hair

You don't have to chop it all off

Cutting that thick wavy hair isn’t always the solution. Men can with this hair type can use a variety of different methods to style and groom their hair and continue to look sharp, clean and professional.

Grow it long

A good way to start hammering out a solution for your wavy hair is to grow it out long. Yes, it may be poofy for a while and get oily but it will be worth it in the end. Growing out your wavy hair gives barbers more material to work with and style your hair when it comes time for that haircut. How many times have you left the barber disappointed with the haircut provided? I’m sure it’s happed more than just a few times. So grow out your hair so when you do sit in the chair the barber can style your hair the right way. This will give you a nice head of hair and establish a baseline for haircuts to come.

Trim often

After you have the hair style that complements your personality and body, then you can maintain your hairstyle by getting your hair trimmed regularly. Since your hair probably grows fast if you are skilled enough you can trim up your ends on your own in between cuts. Lucky for you, if you end up cutting off more than expected your hair can be styled to cover up haircut mistakes until the hair grows out again. People with straight, fine hair don’t get this option. If the barber chops a chunk of hair, then the person has to get all the hair cut to that length.

Get your products right

Styling thick wavy hair can be a lot more manageable if you use the correct hair products. Conditioner added to your shower regimen will help balance your hairs natural secretion of oils and keep the hair healthy and smooth so you don’t end up with a wavy hair frizz attack. Conditioning thick wavy hair is just like getting oil changed in your truck, and is part of extending the life of your hair style.

Maintenance is the key

Some hair products used for grooming should not always be used. Grooming gels, mouse and hair spray may offer temporary help for maintaining your hair but it can also damage your hair. These grooming materials will actually suck the oils right off your head and hair and dry your wavy thick hair. When this happens, your hair will lose its balance and you’ll end up with another frizz attack. Be sure to use grooming supplements in moderation. It’s okay to let your hair balance out naturally.

So to recap… Grow your hair long then get it cut to the right style you like. Then, be sure to condition your hair, trim your hair and do not use excessive grooming aids. Over time your hair will learn to lay naturally. These simple suggestions will help you maintain your thick wavy hair.

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